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L to tha Izzy

= lizzie =

lols i entered once, and surprisingly, there IS such a website...and a very fun one at that. its in memory of ALLLLLL the Lizzies. <3

from it i learnt the following:

there's a type of flower called the Busy Lizzie. An attractively balanced blend of four colours: violet, bright eye, lilac and lavender-blue. Top rate garden performance in all situations.

there's a city in NJ called elizabeth.

"Keeping her computers from acting up is a major task for Lizzie
and Lizzie tolerates no nonsense from them."

hiking lizzie: in 1885, lizzie tried to climb to the summit of mount washington in new hampshire. poor lizzie.

there's an aussie film called Thank God He met Lizzie

Big Lizzie is some truck. even tho she doesnt move very fast, dun get in her way. o.O

"and yes I said yes I will Yes... she was the very Lizziest of Lizzies..."
The web log journal of Lizzie B: "I am applying to transfer to the University of Chicago's Professional Masters Program in Computer Science. Not that they'll want me. My GPA was in the low 3.3s in college, and I'm way too quirky and not factually oriented enough for the U of C. But heck, it's worth a try. And if I get in, I never have to attend another DePaul CS class again." (Definitely Lizzie's kind of Lizzie!)

Liz Blizz from SoBe
a drink: "A tropical refresher that celebrates the sport of snowboarding. Enhanced with echinacea, zinc and vitamin C." Or, as Becky Dunne wrote in her blog on March 16, 2002: "I've discovered a new SoBe which I absolutely love! It's the SoBe Liz Blizz kind... it looks like milk. But the flavor is coconut! Mmmm... it's heaven."

Curious about how many forms of Elizabeth are there? So far we've found: Elisheba, Elisheva, Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Elzbietka, Alcippe, Alzbeta, Elisabet, Elisabeta, Elisabetta, Elizabeta, Elsabeth, Elspet, Elspeth, Elzbieta, Eliza, Elisa, Elise, Elsa, Elsie, Beth, Bethie, Bethy, Bet, Bettie, Betty, Bess, Bessie, Bessy, Betsy, Lisa, Liza, Lizza, Lizzie, Lizzy, Liz... o.O

Hersey's provides a recipe for a reduced-calorie fudge sunday called the "Thin Lizzie." All you need is fresh strawberries, kiwi fruit, peaches, vanilla frozen yogurt, some Hersey's fat-free fudge topping -- and whipped cream. Yum.

Lizzie's Dollies
"Liz gave me my first doll when I was five. Twenty-four years later, Raggedy is still in wonderful shape. Now Liz, with her granddaughter Lizzie, is creating heirloom quality handmade cloth dolls for your children and grandchildren to love."

It's Liz! - from The Magic Schoolbus
She's huggable, irresitable, and available now. Now you can have your very own Liz. What more could one ask?

Chicago's Tin Lizzie Bar
Not Your Typical Sports Bar, the Tin Lizzie claims to be Lincoln Park's hottest alternative sports bar and a great place to start early to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, especially for TV sports events or after the Cubs games. Things definitely heat up late at night with the best music and the coolest crowd.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Siddal
19th century painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti had big ideas about "saving" Lizzie and moulding her into his ideal woman. At first,Rossetti thought Lizzie was his perfect woman, but soon grew disillusioned when it became clear to him that real women were far more complicated than his fantasy. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Read more about this tragic love story and see some of Rossetti's paintings of Lizzie here and here.

Izzie Lizzie Aligator
A children's book by Suzanne Tate which won the Children's Choice Award from the International Reading Association in 2000. The book is about the fascinating family behavior of alligators and how pollution affects these giant lizards. Children learn alligators can be dangerous to humans. And did you know that the name aligator comes from the Spanish el lagarto meaning the lizard?

Dizzy Miss Lizzie and the Flying Lizards
Dizzy Miss Lizzie is the same version that appears on the 1984 LP record titled Top Ten. On the flip side is Dizzy, a nice, striped down and re-worked version with no vocals and snippets of piano playing by Julian Marshall.

Lizzie Hitches a Ride
"Lizzie is a special kind of lizard found in Australia, but Lizzie is even more special than that ... she is a real adventurer ... and this is how we came to meet her." Pia Laura Robledo Mendez writes about this fictional lizard.

Prozac Nation - the film adaptation of Elizabeth Wurtzel's book
A reed-thin Christina Ricci plays Lizzie, a budding writer and Harvard freshman, trying to put a lifetime of emotional wreckage (battling, divorced parents; childhood therapy; a history of self-abuse) behind her. She makes a new friend in roommate Ruby, loses her virginity to comely classmate Noah, and wins a Rolling Stone magazine prize for best student reporting for a review she writes of a Lou Reed show. Soon, though, she alienates her friends with increasingly bad behavior and becomes so paralyzed by depression that she can't write . . .

Lizzie: the little Pom from the puppymill
PuppyMillRescue is an internet-based non-profit organization created to locate, foster, and place in forever loving homes, purebred dogs previously used as breeders in PuppyMills. This page tells the story of Lizzie, a small Pomeranian dog, placed in a new home. Unfortunately, Lizzie has a serious heart problem and may not survive very long.

enter triple w. ur name. com...and see what happens

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