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In putting together Lizzie's Place, Lizzie and her friends compiled a list of internet sites by or about some very interesting Lizzies. Unfortunately, Lizzie couldn't fit all of them on her web pages.

So here is Lizzie's sixth list in a series she calls Fifty Ways to Locate Lizzie -- with another fifty links to lead you to some other fabulous Lizzies:

  1. The Best Figure Skater in the Whole Wide World
    "All Lizzy wanted was to be the best figure skater in the whole wide world. When the World Championships came on TV, she watched every minute. Whatever the skaters did, Lizzy did the same. She twirled, she leaped, she spun around the living room floor. She lunged past the couch, and she lutzed around the lamp. It was the best feeling Lizzy had ever, ever had. . . ." A book for young readers by Canadian writer Linda Bailey.

  2. Lizzie's Musicals
    Features detailed information and reviews of musicals, plans, television shows, and films. Check out Lizzie's Top Ten.

  3. The Blind Lark
    A story by Louisa May Alcott. "High up in an old house, full of poor people, lived Lizzie, with her mother and baby Billy. The street was a narrow, noisy place, where carts rumbled and dirty children played; where the sun seldom shone, the fresh wind seldom blew, and the white snow of winter was turned at once to black mud. One bare room was Lizzie's home . . ."

  4. Lizzie's World
    "My name is Liz and I have designed these web pages for pure enjoyment and the days I'm really really bored. I have always hated intros because I never know what to say, what people want to know and how much to say......"

  5. Lizzie Scott
    The Rotunda Gallery on Clinton Street in Brooklyn Heights, showcasing the work of Brooklyn's expanding community of visual artists presents the work of Lizzie Scott as part of an exhibit "Cities & Desires"

  6. Lizzie in Singapore
    "oOo, its 1:25 am now. I hope my parents don't pick up the phone and know i'm online. SSSSSSH...." Super-Lizzie checks in from Singapore with her very own web site.

  7. Lizzie's Life
    Lizzie; 13; Capricorn; Hates school; Likes webdesign but hates coding; loves to VECTOR! Hates waking up early in the morning. . . "SIGHHHH. There is this boy in school who i met on IRC. He wants me to be his girlfriend. I mean, wtf? I don't even know him well and stuff and i never talked to him face to face!? He keeps on sms-ing me ladalada.. -_-;; I don't like him but i don't know what to do or how to tell him! It is soo embarassing seeing him in school. . . ."

  8. Elizabethtown College
    Elizabethtown College is an independent men and women's residential college of 1,740 full-time students located in Pennsylvania's historic Lancaster County, near the state capital of Harrisburg and the world-famous chocolate-making town of Hershey. The College was founded in 1899.

  9. Lizzie visits the Glasgow Zoo
    A story published in 1901 about Lizzie and John taking their daughter to the Glasgow Zoo: "Aye, ye'll be there in a meenit. Lizzie, are ye shair it's a' right aboot takin' wee Jeannie in to see the beasts? I doot she'll be frichtit."

  10. the slave narrative of Lizzie Norfleet
    Between the years 1936 and 1938, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of the Federal Government compiled 2,194 oral interviews with ex-slaves. The typewritten records of these interviews were deposited in the Library of Congress. One of these interviews, conducted in 1936, was of a former slave named Lizzie Norfleet. Lizzie had been born a slave on the plantation owned by Philip Ford Norfleet in Coahoma County, Mississippi.

  11. Sister Noon by Karen Joy Fowler
    The protagonist of Sister Noon is the self-described dowdy spinster, Lizzie Hayes. This is a story of San Francisco in 1894, when the first telephone calls were made at Golden Gate Park, when the first paved streets were navigable, and when Nob Hill had its first streetcars. Lizzie is an interesting protagonist, as she struggles between her internal and external self, between what she wants to be and what she should do in order to protect her reputation. "Lizzie was eager to show everyone her same old self, boring as ever, and keeping quiet about her real thought, just the way they liked her best."

  12. LIZ - Letteratura Italiana Zanichelli
    This CD, published by Zanichelli Editore of Bologna, Italy contains the complete text of over 500 works of Italian literature. It contains over 21 million words from the works of such authors as Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, Macchiavelli, D’Annunzio, Pirandello, etc.

  13. "Long Liz" Stride - victim of Jack the Ripper
    The victim was approximately five feet two inches tall, with a very light complexion, dark brown curly hair, and was dressed in black with a red rose decorating her jacket. She later was identified as Elizabeth Stride, who was born in 1843. While she may have occasionally prostituted herself, for the most part she earned a living by doing sewing or cleaning work. Once in a while, she became drunk and boisterous, an event noted more than once in the magistrate court. . . .

  14. Liz Ellis - Australian net ball champion
    In 2002, Liz Ellis was named Most Valued Player and Goal Keeper of the Year at the 2002 Netball Australia Player Awards. (For those not familiar with Netball, it was brought to Australia by English school teachers in the early 1900's and was introduced to school children as "Women's Basketball." The game has become the most popular women's sport in Australia.)

  15. Liz Quigg at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
    Elizabeth Quigg, nicknamed Liz, is a multimedia developer in the Computing Division and the liaison to the Education Office at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Her early contributions to the Education Office were the development of three kiosks for the Quarks to Quasars program and the multimedia station for the Particles and Prairies program which won an Award of Excellence in Education.

  16. choreographer Liz Lerman
    Since 1976, Washington, D.C.-based choreographer-cultural activist Liz Lerman has been a national pioneer in defining ways that innovative art-making can be linked intrinsically to community-building. She proposes a radical redefinition of artistic hierarchies: democratizing the art-making process and constructing creative and equitable relationships between visiting and local artists, veteran and first-time performers, presenter and creator, artist and community.

  17. Liz Anderson, bikini champion
    Because of the athletic skills necessary to compete in the Fitness Universe Pageant and related events, many highly attractive and popular women do not feel they are able to be competitive. Therefore, because of popular demand, the American Sports Network developed and introduced the Ms. Bikini America competition. Liz Anderson is the 2002 Fitness Atlantic Ms. Bikini America Champion.

  18. Liz Marks Casting Agency
    After many years as an actress/singer in NYC, Liz Marks brought her professional attitude to her hometown, Richmond, Virginia. Born into the business, her commitment to the industry brought her from performing to casting. ("I couldn’t see performing in spandex after 40".) Since 1987 Liz has been providing producers and directors with the best talent the Mid-Atlantic Region has to offer.

  19. musician Liz Queler
    Liz's rich, soulful music reflects her diverse musical upbringing, combining a mirage of different styles, languages, and instruments into one fluid song. Liz discovered folk music during high school, and while studying in France, she performed weekly at a small, local restaurant singing in both French and English. After graduating Tufts University, she attended Berklee College of Music to study jazz piano and guitar. Liz Queler's voice stands alone, right in the place where folk, country and pop music intersect.

  20. jazz flute player Elizabeth Webb
    Elizabeth Webb is arguably Australia’s best female jazz flute player. Whether it’s cocktail piano, easy listening vocals, or the relaxed sound of a jazz standard played on flute, Liz Webb will charm even the most demanding audience. She specializes in resort and hotel entertainment and possesses the skills and repertoire to move an audience seamlessly from cocktails to dinner then on to after-dinner dance music.

  21. Liz Tahir & Associates
    Liz Tahir is a retail marketing specialist, consultant, and speaker. She began her career in retail at Neiman-Marcus Company and has held various executive positions in merchandising, lastly as Corporate Vice President, Merchandising, for D.H. Holmes Company, Ltd., department store group. In 1990, she established Liz Tahir & Associates consulting and training firm based in New Orleans.

  22. poet Liz Hall-Downs
    Liz Hall-Downs is a poet, performer, singer and writer of fiction. She has produced several collections of poetry, and has performed and published widely in Australia and the USA. Liz was commissioned for Australia's Boondall Wetlands project to create a collection of poems, which she entitled "People of the Wetlands."

  23. Liz, the litte match girl
    The doll Liz, the Matchstick Girl by Donna RuBert represents the poor young girl who is trying to sell her matchsticks so she can have enough money to feed herself. Porcelain head, shoulderplate, arms and legs. Cloth body with wire Armature.

  24. panoramic photographer Liz Hymans
    Liz Hymans is one of the leading professional panoramic photographers in the United States, and specializes in landscape and scenic photography. She also shoots wildlife, cityscapes, and adventure travel, and is an expert re-photographer (locating and exactly matching historic photographs). Her work has been published extensively.

  25. Liz Roberts Design
    Liz Roberts Graphic Design, has been providing design services and marketing consultation for over a decade. Liz studied commercial art at the Chester College of Art in Cheshire, England and then worked in the industry for ten years with newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. (And you can watch the lizard change colors on the home page.)

  26. winners of the Lizard Challenge
    Well, it was a challenge to work with Liz. b3ta is a bizarre web site devoted to photoshop and flash graphics and images and humor and animations and irony and... well, all kinds of stuff. Even a graphic message board and reader contributions. Must be British.

  27. Liz Goulet Dubois, illustrator of children's books
    Liz is an illustrator who earned a BFA at RISDI. She was born and bred in the middle of an apple orchard in Rhode Island and is currently living in the middle of a different apple orchard with her husband and three girls. ALL of her work is destined for children which she considers the best of audiences.

  28. Liz's Income Tax Services
    Open since 1994 in Woodruff, South Carolina, Liz offers a variety of bookkeeping services and the preparation anything from simple individual income tax returns to corporate tax filings!

  29. Liz Evans, marathon canoe champion
    In addition to being a faculty member in Business Information Technology at Akerley Campus of Nova Scotia Community College, Liz Evans is also a competitive sprint and marathon canoe and kayak paddler with Banook Canoe Club in Dartmouth, N.S. At the end of August 2000, she competed in the Masters Division of the World Marathon Canoe and Kayak Championship. Her success was nothing short of impressive: Liz finished the competition with a gold medal in the K2 and a silver medal in the K1.

  30. The Liz Reader
    A new Overmountain Press book, THE LIZ READER, is now available. It includes many previously published and unpublished works of acclaimed mystery writer Elizabeth Daniels Squire: four published short stories including the Agatha award-winning "The Dog Who Remembered Too Much" along with are several non-mystery short stories, some poems, a couple of interviews with other authors, and a sampling of other non-fiction pieces. There's also a wondrous piece about cemeteries.

  31. champion powerlifter Lizabeth Willett
    Powerlifting is the ultimate test of strength. Different from Olympic lifting, where athletes lift weight over their heads, Powerlifting consists of three tests: the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. All three are strictly judged. "Why do I powerlift? I absolutely love it! I've always played Basketball and Volleyball; while I was always pretty good at those sports, they were very hard for me. I was working for an airline in Alaska and this guy asked me if I have ever lifted weights before? I said no, and he asked if I would come to the gym and try it... So, after about six months, when I was 19, I had won all of Alaska's Teen Titles and all of the Northwest's. . . "

  32. Mighty Liz's readling list
    Mighty Liz of WNYC radio's "New York Kids" provides some suggestions for summer reading for kids. Go Liz!

  33. science fiction writer Liz Williams
    "My mother's a Gothic novelist, and my father was a part-time conjuror, so I didn't have a hope, really. I've been a science fiction fan since the age of ten, and started writing seriously about 4 years ago. . ."

  34. astrologist Liz Greene
    As a Jungian analyst, Liz Greene's work has successfully combined Jung's theories with astrology. She is a highly successful author with number of classic astrology titles, profound personal psychological reports and an instructive astrology video. She is also director of the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London.

  35. Dinosaur Liz helps teach physics and mathematics
    Zona Land: Education in Physics and Mathematics. "Hi, my name is Liz, and along with other dinosaurs I help manage drop down questions in Zona Land. These are easy to operate; I am sure that you will figure them out. I wish you the best of luck in this venture."

  36. ice skater Elizabeth Manley
    Since becoming a professional, world champion figure skater Elizabeth Anne Manley has been touring with Ice Capades as Cinderella. This fan page provides biographical information and links to related sites.

  37. the amazing contortionist Elisabeth
    Elisabeth was born in Poland in the 60's, and would never have come to circus and variety, had the teacher at her dancing school not remarked on her exceptionally supple body. She appeared for some 3 years as a front and back bender, but went back to her family, married, and ultimately left the stage.

  38. The Elizabeth Middle School
    Part of the Elizabeth School District C1, the Elizabeth Middle School is located about 25 miles southeast of Denver, Colorado. Terry Miller, Principal.

  39. Donna La Rue as Mistress Elizabeth
    Most days, Donna La Rue lives in the 20th century, and is happy to be just herself -- a doctoral candidate, professional accordionist, vocalist, dancer, and choreographer. But on summer Saturday afternoons she becomes Mistress Elizabeth de la Rue --widow of an 18th-century sea captain -- guiding visitors through Boston's oldest burial grounds. To each crowd of history buffs La Rue imparts expertly researched lore describing the curiously engraved headstones and the people laid to rest beneath them. . . .

  40. Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
    Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D is a psychiatrist and the author of the groundbreaking On Death and Dying. She has earned a place as the best-loved and most-respected authority on the subject. Now in her seventies, she has spent most of her life working with the dying.

  41. Elisabeth of Wittelsbach
    Possibly one of the most romantic and fascinating personages of 19th century Europe, Elisabeth was wed Emperor Franz Josef who came to rule the Austro-Hungarian empire in a time of revolutions and assassinations. It was against such a backdrop that Elisabeth was touring in Switzerland in 1898. She had just left the Beau Rivage hotel in Geneva to catch a steamer, when she was attacked by an anarchist who had planned to murder the Prince of Orleans, an Italian noble, but when the Prince didn't come as planned, Elisabeth was the next best choice. She died within an hour in the hotel room she had just left.

  42. the ruin of a Princess Élisabeth
    The Princess Élisabeth, sister of the unfortunate Louis XVI, is almost the only figure which emerges unsullied from the unspeakable corruption of the French Court under Louis XV. She was endowed with a nobility of character which her more admired, though cruelly maligned sister-in-law, Marie Antoinette, scarcely could claim. When the Revolution broke out, she shared the misfortunes of the royal family. She was incarcerated with them in the Temple, but was separated from the king on his trial before the Convention. Finally sentenced to death upon the charge of her devotion to her brother, the king, she met her fate with the same calm fortitude which had marked her life.

  43. Elizabeth Keckley at the White House
    Former slave who was seamstress and confidante to Mary Todd Lincoln in the White House. Her soft-spoken, upbeat personality helped calm the President's wife in moments of crisis. She lost her only son in battle in Missouri in August 1861. Later, she comforted Mary in her own maternal grief and advised consultation with spiritualists. She raised money for freed slaves and founded Contraband Relief Association. She was a woman of dignity, ambition and persistence.

  44. New York Post gossip columnist Liz Smith
    Known as "the Grand Dame of Dish," Liz Smith worked as a reporter, typist, and proofreader in the 1950s. She broke into New York media as a news producer for Mike Wallace at CBS radio. Now a syndicated columnist, she is considered the world's highest paid woman in print journalism. In 1995 Smith won an Emmy for reporting. Her biography, Natural Blonde, was published in 2000.

  45. Liz Ashley, skydiver
    "The people who are most scared beforehand that come down wanting to do it again most: she was obviously terrified in the plane as she watched six other people plummet out before her, but was ecstatic on the ground afterwards." Of the ten people who came back to the dropzone, seven of them that were actually there on time and got to do their second jumps.

  46. The Lady Elizabeth School
    An iAn independent coeducational day school for pupils from 3 - 18 years located in Javea, Spain. Founded in 1987 to offer a full British National Curriculum, the school opened with just fourteen pupils. By 1991 the school had increased in number to over a hundred pupils. The School is named after Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, who before she married, was The Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. In 1987 the Queen Mother gave permission for the new school to bear her name.

  47. Oregon's Elizabeth Street Inn
    Each guest room is comfortably appointed with cozy furnishings, gas fireplaces, in-room coffee makers, microwaves and refrigerators. Four jacuzzi & wet bar suites await you for your ultimate beach escape. The comfort of the rooms is only surpassed by the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean which our guests can enjoy while relaxing on private balconies.

  48. Casa Elizabeth
    Casa Elizabeth is a 4 bedroom villa with pool and covered pool house on on the edge of the resort community of Rocha Brava, Carvoeiro, Portugal.

  49. Elisabeth Waldo: composer, violinist, songwriter
    Welcome to the mystical world of Elisabeth Waldo's music, inspired by the native Americans, the Chinese, the Armenians, the Russians, and all the peoples that make up the Golden Land.

  50. Sister Elizabeth Kenny
    Sister Elizabeth Kenny was a pioneer in the treatment of Infantile Paralysis or polio, one of the world's most devastating diseases. As a nurse during World War One the title of 'Sister Kenny.' After the war she returned to her mother's farm in Queensland, Australia. By 1932, a polio epidemic was sweeping Australia. The word spread about Sister Kenny's treatment and within four years, four Kenny clinics successfully treated six hundred patients. Although she was doubted by the Australian medical authorities, in the United States she was seen as a miracle. In 1942, the Sister Kenny Institute was opened to train therapists as doctors adopted her methods.

  51. Dizzie Lizzie and Friends
    Dizzie Lizzie and Friends continue to offer popular half-day "literacy puppet workshops": A puppet making workshop, choosing characters from trad/pop stories and nursery/number rhymes or plays plus a teaching session where the children learn how to use their new puppets. In Lancashire, U.K.

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