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In putting together Lizzie's Place, Lizzie and her friends compiled a list of internet sites by or about some very interesting Lizzies. Unfortunately, Lizzie couldn't fit all of them on her web pages.

So here is Lizzie's fifth list of still even yet another FIFTY of these sites -- all of which will lead you to discover other fabulous Lizzies:

  1. Lizzie's Page
    This is the web page for Lizzie - a 15 year old Mezzo-Soprano and Flute player from Kansas. Just click on the links to know more about flute playing, Lizzie herself, or to see some of her favorite sites.

  2. Lizzie's Manners Manual
    Lizzie's Manners Manual So you think your good, eh? You think you know your correct posture from your direct pronounciation? Well put yourself to the test then, in Lizzie's Manners Test, and get your result instantly!

    (Hi, We're a Guildford based four-piece rock band and you've reached our official web site. This page is fully regulated, approved by and overseen by the band and is here to give you a feel of what the band is like: click on the links below to find info about each of us; download sound clips; view our picture gallery and lots of other stuff. The band was started around 2 years ago and has evolved from the roots of guitar based grunge-rock through to what we hear today. Influences vary from Neil Young and other early grunge roots to the power of Deep Purple and Metallica; resulting in a kind of Pearl Jam/Deftones/Everclear fusion of sound.)

  3. Lizzie's Mobile Massage
    Therapeutic Massage Given At Your Place of Business. Experience the touch of Lizzie's magic fingers, enjoy a relaxing full body theraputic or chair massage. Liz Wiggins, Massage Therapist Austin, Texas

  4. Creative Liz
    My name is Liz, I am 22 years old, and I am persuing a BM MI degree in Sound Recording at Georgia State University. Music is only one of my loves because I dwell in all different kinds of creativity. For almost four years I have been working with web design and computer art. This summer I was able to leave five years of horrid retail experience to begin a career as an offical web designer at GSU! So if you need someone to create for you, I'm your girl!

  5. Lizzie and her Jelly Bean Bunny
    This tutorial was written in Paint Shop Pro, version 7.04, but should work fine from version 5.0 and up. These files contain most everything you'll need, and this tutorial does NOT require ANY outside filters or plugins. It's all done with the tools that are available in Paint Shop Pro.

  6. Mia & Lizzie Designs
    It's the classic fairy tale: Inspired by one of their mom's beading circles, two friends -- Lizzie Scheck and Mia Koniver -- dreamed of learning to make their own simple jewelry and sell to local shops. Fast-forward four years, and Mia & Lizzie Creations (now in diamonda and rubies) are not only sold in major stores around the globe but are a Sarah Jessica Parker staple on Sex and the City. Aside from the diamond-encrusted horseshoes she regularly wears, Parker also has a soft spot for their pavé-diamond bracelets and stackable rings.

  7. Liz's Campy Horror Place
    Devoted to all things ghoulish and goofy, Liz provides some compellingly campy links to some of the darker sites on the web.

  8. Lizzie Logan gets Married
    Lizzie Logan's back, and this time there's a wedding to plan! Actually, it's Lizzie's mother's wedding, but that doesn't stop Lizzie from taking charge! In her usual bossy manner, she insists that her best friend, Heather, learn the "wedding walk", and that she play a violin solo at the ceremony -- if only Heather knew how to play! In the midst of all the commotion, it surprises Heather to find out that Lizzie, who seems invincible, is actually afraid that the wedding might not happen after all. Once again, Eileen Spinelli has crafted a touching and humorous story that explores the unusual bond of friendship between two unlikely soul mates.

  9. Elizabeth Sewall Alcott
    Quiet and shy, Lizzie remains the most mysterious of the four Alcott sisters. Her father spoke of her "hiding her feelings in silence" and her neatly composed journals give us little clue to her inner life. Our fullest portrait of Lizzie is in the pages of Little Women, where she was portrayed as the gentle Beth. In many the book is a tribute to the sister Louisa called "my better self".

  10. The Human Face of War: Lizzie Mudd and Private John William Mudd
    The World War I correspondence between Lizzie and her husband, Jack, who died in the Third Battle of Ypres, are summarized by the BBC. "I often take your Photo out of my pocket and look at your dear face and think of the times we have had together, some lovely days eh love, and when I think again of some of the worry I have caused you it makes me only the more eager to get home to you to atone for all the worry and anxious moments you have had to put up with."

  11. Lizzie Johnson-Webb, comic artist and designer
    Very cool web page using Flash animation. Autobiographical information on the artist and links to some of her work. Also take a look at the gallery of some of her work at this site.

  12. Lizzie's gone missing
    "I don't want to lose her, but the warning signs have been there since September, when the new dogs on the street first sent Lizzie high up in the mango tree in search of a safe haven. Then Lizzie disappeared, and the simple counting of heads becomes a statement of yearning and hope and reality and anxiety, fear for our cats, and fear of the unknown danger that may be afoot in the neighborhood. . . . "

  13. In search of the wreck of the Lizzie
    The Lizzie was purchased in 1910 for the sum of £106. The Lizzie was a 40'-50' cutter that was purchased to carry bluestone from Cuttriss's quarry in Inverloch up the Tarwin River to Tarwin Lower where it would be crushed and used in the construction of roads. In September 1915, the Lizzie was partially destroyed by an explosion. This was not thought to be accidental and Constable Hehir of Inverloch called in detectives from Melbourne to investigate. . .

  14. The schooner Lizzie Brayton
    The "Lizzie" sunk off Point Pleasant in December of 1904. She was a 201 foot, 1000 ton four-masted schooner. She was built in 1891 in Bath, Maine. The Lizzie Brayton was enroute to New Haven, Connecticut with a cargo of coal when she struck a sand bar in a storm. She was pushed up onto the beach and swamped by the relentless waves.

  15. The topsail schooner Lizzie A. Law
    This Lizzie Law was built as a large three masted topsail schooner in 1875 at Port Huron, Michigan. She was built for the grain trade between Buffalo and Chicago, but was later used in the coal and lumber trade on the Lakes. During her sailing career she was regarded as a fast and handsome schooner, making the round trip from Chicago to Buffalo in 25 days. The Lizzie Law met her end on October 19, 1908 while upbound from Chicago to Duluth with a cargo of coal. A serious gale was blowing . . .

  16. Lizzie Strong (Elizabeth Mahala Strong)
    Lizzie was born June 2, 1881 and married O.W. Leopard on December 18, 1898. Lizzie and O.W. had very little when they married, but they both worked hard. Lizzie was crippled and used a crutch, but she worked in the fields, in the hay meadow, and at the syrup mill. She milked cows, picked geese, and made feather beds and pillows. She also pieced and made quilts. (No one has any idea the number of quilts she has made over the years.) She did all of the cooking and housework. O.W. was known to be the best syrup maker in East Texas. Lizzie made biscuits by the pans full and baked half bushel of sweet potatoes at a time. And when the kids came in from school, they would get a baked sweet potato and go to the field. . . .

  17. Luscious Lizzie: a Tornado GR-1 sees action with the RAF
    This art print of Luscious Lizzie, a Tornado GR-1, shows Lizzie en route from Muharraq to 'do the business' during the Gulf conflict in February 1991. The crew flying Luscious Lizzie on this day were Wg Cdr Jerry Witts DSO, MBIM and Flt Lt 'AJ' Smith. Both have kindly signed the print which also illustrates the nose art of Luscious Lizzie. From every print sold there shall be £10.00 donated to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

  18. Lizzie the Iguana at the Pana'ewa Zoon in Hilo, Hawaii
    The Pana'ewa Zoo is the only zoo in the United States that is located in a tropical rain forest. The star attraction at the zoo is Namasté, a white Bengal tiger. He's certainly big, beautiful and impressive, but Lizzie the Iguana is much more friendly and safer to hold.

  19. Elizabeth "Crazy Bet" Van Lew (Grant's Spy in Richmond)
    By every rule of background, Miss Elizabeth Van Lew should have been among the Confederate women who hurried in and out of Jefferson Davis's "Gray House" on fashionable Clay Street... For the four full years of war she operated as a dedicated and resourceful spy, according to several Northern generals, the best one inside the Confederate capital. . . ."

  20. Lizzie the Russian Dwarf Hampster
    What more can one say?

  21. Ask Lizzie!
    Just like the "Magic 8-Ball" but with a nicer personality. Even so, Lizzie can be pretty evasive.

  22. Building a Cloak-and-Dagger Lizzie
    The Westland Lysander was originally built to serve in the army cooperation role ­ artillery spotting and light bombing ­ in support of British infantry in the field during WW-II. The 'Lizzie' was probably best known for its 'cloak and dagger' role ­ flying Special Operations Executive (SOE) agents in and out of German-occupied Europe. Lysander pilots, flying alone, made over 800 clandestine pickups and deliveries in occupied France from 1941 until 1944.

  23. Rockhand Lizzie
    by Gerald Eugene Nathan Stone: "The winter wind is whistling around the door and rattling the windows. When one of these blue northers comes blasting over the Kansas border, it follows the Canadian River like a funnel and settles the full weight of its coldness here in these Oklahoma bottomlands. I can see out the window the cuptowels I hung on the clothesline this morning standing straight out like little white flags, stiff-frozen in the wind. . . ."

  24. Lizzie's Flower Garden
    Painting has always been an integral part of Dorothy Dent's heart and soul. Although she is primarily a self-taught artist, she has studied with such noted artists as Dalhart Windberg, and Joyce Pike. Born in the Missouri Ozarks, Dorothy's favorite subject matter is landscape, such as one might see in the Midwestern part of the country. Her 25 year career in painting and teaching has allowed her to travel extensively in the USA and abroad. The scope of her subject matter has broadened, and one may find English cottages, Western mountains, or East coast scenery among the collection of works by this award winning artist. "Lizzie's Flower Garden" is one such work.

  25. Lizzie's Syrup Bottle Angel
    Lizzie used a paper plate with glitter for wings and a syrup bottle for an angel. Lizzie comes to Connie's daycare after school some days. Lizzie is a very talented young craftsperson.

  26. Lizzie Evans
    Beautiful photograph of Lizzie Evans, stage actress in the early 1900s.

  27. LIZ: The Linux Info Zentrum
    In German: This Swiss web site was begun in 1997. "LIZ" developed into a central place for beginners or and others interested in the Linux operating system. The site now contains extensive informtion on Linux, its various distribution, articles, HowTos and software downloads. The site came about because, while there were many good English-language collections of Linux information, the German-language materials were scattered over the whole internet. with no central site with German-language information. Hence LIZ.

  28. Lizzie Oliver
    Lizzie Oliver is the central character in two books for young readers by Catherine Robinson: Lizzie Oliver and Lizzie's Luck. "Her father's remarriage, and their move from Cornwall to London, makes Lizzie's first teenage year a lonely and difficult one- but her own account of her life and times is intimate, often hilarious and highly realistic."

  29. Lizzie Luffman Elliott
    Jennifer Elizabeth "Lizzie" Luffman Elliott was born in Tennessee, according to the 1860 Monroe County census. She was the daughter of Milton and Lucinda Luffman, sister to William Franklin Luffman. She married Millard Fillmore Elliott.

  30. Lizzie Liles - a portrait by Glenn Zucman
    organic-captivating-enveloping-razor-sharp-kind-of-way; and the most obnoxious personality you could ever imagine. she was prompt; i was late. she was urgent; i was meticulous. she hated "that modern shit"; i hated ballet. she was obnoxious; i was obnoxious. it was delicious.

  31. Lizzie Saphire
    Lizzie is kind of punkish but always ready to kick some supernatural butt! Second in a series of commissions from Maily by artist Jessica 'Neon Dragon' Peffer.

  32. Lizzie Dailey Harper, Native American
    "...That's how they came to know the Sauk and Fox, the Wichita, the Cheyenne. Then they came back to the tribe after the Otoes settle down here. ..."

  33. Who was Lizzie Bryce?
    The famous, the wealthy and the notorious are remembered. History generally overlooks the poor and the ordinary, so it is pleasing to have a memorial to a poor woman, whose life was typical, unremarkable, and yet unique.

  34. "Lizzie with Bandana"
    Figurative Watercolor by Arne Westerman, well-known painter and ilustrator whose works are included in the permanent collections of the Portland Art Museum (Portland, Oregon), Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia) and a number of other major museums.

  35. Goths Galore: Lizzie-Borden.Net
    Ufology, Egyptology, American Sign Language, occult, Kemetic/Tameran spirituality, Hoodoo, foik magick, African-diasporic religions, mythology, Forensic Psychology, serial killers, graphic design/art, Magic: the Gathering, collecting movie and TV props and similar weirdness, horror and cult movies, sideshow history.

  36. The art of Lizzie Nungala
    Australian Aboriginal paintings by Lizzie Nungala from Papunya, a town north west of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia.

  37. Lizzie Patterson / photographer and designer
    "Photography for me is a language dictated by light, in which I aim to capture the beauty of a natural expression that you see all the time in life, but rarely on film. People have thousands of lovable or evocative expressions and qualities that are difficult to capture when the subject is faced with a camera!"

  38. Orlando's Lizzie Rodgers Park
    Lizzie Rodgers Park is adjacent to Orange Center Elementary School. The 3.14-acre park is named for Lizzie Rodgers, a local resident and humanitarian who was instrumental in developing this park for the neighborhood children.

  39. Lizzie's Lunch
    Lizzie's Lunch is just one shop in the Magical Mystery Mall, a PlayStation video game by Acclaim. Help Mary-Kate and Ashley on an out of this world shopping spree which turns from out of this world to totally out of hand! "Real Games for Real Girls"

  40. Subway Art: Duster Lizzie
    Photographer Martha Cooper captures "Duster Lizzie" -- a startlingly graphic New York subway train grafiti in the Bronx in 1982.

  41. Actress and Model Lizzie Lander
    Lizzie has appeared in numerous films, television commercials and print advertising. She is represented by The Horne Agency of Dallas, Texas.

  42. Lizzie Peckham of PSA Training and Development Ltd.
    Lizzie has a proven business record of establishing development and training workshops. Television, radio and national newspapers have for many years acclaimed her as a positive role model for women's development and personal achievement, with appearances in 35 national newspapers and magazines. She has been interviewed extensively on BBC radio and Hong Kong Radio.

  43. A dialogue with artist Lizzie Scott
    It's difficult to describe in words exactly what her art is, and what it encompasses. Various themes play out in the work: art's status as a commodity item; as a luxury good; even about artists themselves turning into brand names. She also thinks about how the body and architecture meet. She uses the rich fabric of silk and the fur because she wants to talk about the desire these objects arouse. . . .

  44. Our Lizzie And The Virgin Train
    "I'm off to piggin' Balackpool, for two days, maybe three", Were Lizzie's words of parting, that she uttered to me. "It's bound to flaming rain there," and rain was what it did, "This flippin' business conference will make me flip my lid."

  45. Lizzie Cromwell in Harm Done, a novel by Ruth Rendell
    "Shortly after Lizzie Cromwell returns from the dead, another young woman disappears, just as a convicted paedophile is released back into the community. Local residents are up in arms, and even prepared to take the law into their own hands. Chief Inspector Wexford is not only concerned very personally with the effects of violence . . . "

  46. Lizzie's Epiphany (a web log)
    Graphic designer, instructor and graduate student Lizzie looks at the meaning of life. "Grapic design is a contolled balance of aesthtetic quality and meaningful communication expressed through imagery and language; it is the fusion of art and technology to envoke a specific response."

  47. Transgressions, a novel by Sarah Dunant
    "Four months ago, Lizzie Skvorecky split from her lover Tom. Since their nasty break-up, Lizzie has thrown herself into her work, translating novels into English. Her current work is a Czech police procedural that she originally found very distasteful, but the cheap porn has since hooked her." -- an intriguing cat and mouse thriller.

  48. Elizabeth Figro Lascari
    A biographical reminiscence: "Aunt Lizzie and I shared the first name, Elizabeth, yet we were different. She was frugal, and I am reported to be a spendthrift! Aunt Lizzie would be proud of my shopping sprees at the thrift and consignment shops. . . ."

  49. LIZ: the automated helpdesk system
    LIZ is a helpdesk telephony automation system designed to handle incoming support calls and log customer issue information into a database for review by your company support techs. By utilizing MP3 audio technology, LIZ captures the actual customer call into a retrievable, high-definition audio file and assigns it to a help desk request ticket.

  50. Lizzie knows the angles
    Lizzie had found the sum of the exterior angles of a convex polygon to be 360 degrees. Then Don asked her about the exterior angles of concave polygons. . . .

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