Yet another Fifty Ways to locate Lizzie!

(at least)

In putting together Lizzie's Place, Lizzie and her friends compiled a list of internet sites by or about some very interesting Lizzies. Unfortunately, Lizzie couldn't fit all of them on her web pages.

So here is Lizzie's fourth list of even yet another FIFTY of these sites -- all of which will lead you to discover other fabulous Lizzies:

  1. The Toronto Lizzies Womens Baseball Club
    The Toronto Playgrounds Women's Baseball Club is part of the Central Ontario Girls Baseball League. It has a long and interesting history, dating back to 1912 and to a ball field on Toronto's Elizabeth Street -- from which the team acquired its name "The Lizzies." This web site is dedicated to those women who promote and develop the game that they loved to played as kids and now as adults.

  2. Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins: The Lizzies
    Let us now take a close look at the nature of our creator gods: the Anunnaki of the ancient Summerians, also know as "the lizzies." The Pleiadian Plus group refers to our "creator gods" and founders of the ancient Sumerian civilization. These gods are commonly referred to as "lizzies" because of their part human and part reptile nature and in order to inject some humor into a situation that might be considered terrifying -- especially to those humans who may be encountering them for the first time. The lizies are said not to exist in time as we know it; they exist mostly in other dimensions where they are said to live for thousands of years. They may be benevolent beings amongst the lizzie population, but a vast majority of these creator gods are tyrannical and do not honor life or even understand their own connection to life, including that of their own creation. It is important that we know something about the lizzies because they are soon going to re-enter our dimension in order to renew their control us.

  3. The Lizzys
    What is THE LIZZYs? A Virtual Place for Real Thoughts and Feelings: THE LIZZYs is a series of animated stories about an observant young girl named Lizzy. She lives with her strange (but loving) family in an elegant (but slightly tacky) apartment in New York City. In the course of her normal, every day life, Lizzy finds herself encountering some of life's major issues...

  4. Miss Lizzie's Boardin' House
    Elizabeth King, Proprietess. Serving in elegant, classic Victorian Style. Located in a historic, 1910 home. Lunches come complete with entree, side dish, homemade bread, dessert, herbal iced tea, gourmet coffee, place cards and souvenir menu. All for just $8, including tax. At 1505 9th Avenue in Aurora, Nebraska.

  5. Lizzie's Web Page
    Lizzie is back from her holiday in Canada and the USA. See the photos and read the diary she kept while she was away. Or just read about her favourite bands, stories and advice. Lizzie lives in Dorset in the U.K.

  6. Fizzy Lizzy candy bar
    McCowans Candies, part of the Caledonian Confectionery Company of Clackmannanshire, UK produces "Fizzy Lizzy" bars -- a toffee bar that has been popular with children in Great Britain for many years.

  7. Lounge Lizzies
    These laid back stuffed reptiles are an essential part of your day, because every time you look at them, they remind you to sit back, lighten up, and take it easy!

  8. Lizzie's Clothing
    Lizzie makes custom clothing of the 19th century, but she will consider all requests for other custom clothing. Lizzie and her associates are at the top of their profession and welcome you to browse their capabilities and accomplishments.

  9. "The Lost Smile"
    A macabre short story by Rebecca of the Year 9 English class at the Ferndown Upper School in Dorset, U.K. "Lizzie knew that nothing like this could happen but she did have a wild imagination . . ."

  10. Model T Ford Club of America
    The Model T Ford Club of America was organized in late 1965 for the purpose of bringing together people who are interested in the Model T Ford, its history, its evolution, and its place in the American scene. The Model T Ford Club of America is the largest Model T club in the world. Over one hundred chapters have been formed in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Australia, and Europe, providing activities and fellowship for Tin Lizzie enthusiasts.

  11. Lizzie learns about Internet Safety
    Lizzie, learned about the Internets dangers the hard way. Lizzie is a sixth grader in one of my computer groups. She tends to stray from the group and often gets impatient when her class is working on a subject she doesnt enjoy. A few times, her teacher caught her online in chat rooms that were intended for kids who were sixteen years old or more. In school, a student can be penalized for that, but at home, its up to her parents to take control of the situation.

  12. ""
    This Lizzie says "Welcome to my site. This where I can share my thoughts and dreams with people I just met, LIKE YOU! If you're an old friend, welcome back, enjoy learning about me and things I like to do." Lizzie needs to add more stuff to her pages -- but her 8th birtday cake looks pretty tasty.

  13. The Lizzies of Mack Sennett
    Contains three of Mack Sennett's silent comedy shorts: "Lizzies of the Field" starring Billy Bevan and Andy Clyde; "Leading Lizzie Astray" starring Fatty Arbuckle and Mack Swain; and "Love, Speed and Thrills" with Mack Swain and Chester Conklin.

  14. Lizette
    A rich mosaic, as textured with experience, beauty and spirit as the vivid images Lizette produces on canvas. The Lizette FACES is a coming of age for both the artist and her art. Lizette admits she is uninhibited by trends or acclaimed works of her contemporaries. True to her individualistic form, FACES is a genuine expression of the emotions and colors of the feminine spirit.

  15. Lizell: redefining your workspace with fine office furniture and accessories
    lizell offers online shopping for: office furniture,home and office supplies, stationery, computer furniture, wood furniture, modular furniture, ergonomic furniture, seating, bookcases, desks, desk accessories, lighting, gifts, pens, writing instruments, leather accessories and other elegant designer items for your office. Check out Lizell's catalog or visit Lizell's store in Philadelphia.

  16. Lizz Sommerfield's World
    Dumping your whole personality onto a home page is rather difficult, if not completely impossible. I think the point of this page is to explain that I'm just a regular old person who happens to be sort of a weirdo too. I wasn't neglected as a child and I don't hate my life, nor do I really need to convert too many people over to my beliefs. I just think the web is really neat. And life goes on.

  17. Rudyard Kipling's Lispeth
    "It takes a great deal of Christianity to wipe out uncivilised Eastern instincts, such as falling in love at first sight. Lispeth, having found the man she worshipped, did not see why she should keep silent as to her choice. She had no intention of being sent away . . . "

  18. The Lotus "Elise"
    Revolutionary, the only way to describe the new Lotus Elise, a car which combines beautiful simplicity, high technology, high performance and high drama. The classically elegant lines of a roadster reflect the true spirit of Lotus and have captured the imagination of the world. . .

  19. The Liz Library
    A large collection of resources on feminism and justice assembled by Florida lawyer Elizabeth J. Kates. One of the web's best topical research sites.

  20. Liz Wilson, Parrot Behavior Consultant
    Liz Wilson, CVT, is a certified veterinary technician, who has been living and working with parrots for thirty-five years. She has twenty years of experience specializing in avian and exotic animal nursing.

  21. Lizz's Lair
    Hi! My name is Elizabeth Hill, but around IRC I'm know as LizZ. I'm studying science at the Uni here in Launceston, which is in Tasmania, Australia. If you still don't know where that is, you need to look at the map.

  22. Lizz Robbins, model and actress
    My name is Lizz Robbins and I am an aspiring model and actress from the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. I've been modeling and acting for over five years.

  23. Meet Lizzie, the 1968 Morris Mini Traveller
    We bought Lizzie after I had been surfing the web in search of a Mini van. After not being successful with that search, I began to search for any other "utility" Mini that I could find. With cheque book in hand, we drove the 20 or so miles out to a small village near the White Horse at Uffington. . . .

  24. Lizzie, eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Smallwood
    "Lizzie caught a glimpse of herself through the mirror as she headed towards her bedroom door. She stopped, looked at herself in her red riding habit, hat cocked cheekily to one side, and imagined her father behind her saying, "Elizabeth my girl, isn't it time you put your mind to settling down instead of galloping around on that mare of yours..." Dollhouse fiction for lovers of small houses and tiny furniture.

  25. Requiem for Lizzie Blackburn
    On April 9, 2002 the national grief in the UK (inspired largely by the media) reached the required level of hysteria as Elizabeth, mother of the reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth the second and widow of King George VI was buried after lying in state as thousands of people whose lives she had never touched filed past the coffin to make their obsequiences. The world loves to watch such displays of pomp and circumstance by the British, it is what we do best. We do not do quite so well however in caring for the millions of old people who have lived good but unremarkable lives.

  26. Woven from wood: the baskets of Lizzie Farey
    Scottish basketmaker Lizzie Farey's exquisitely turned and elemental wood weavings relate to a world of nature which seems to sit between some perfectly finished natural process and the intricate guidance of the maker. Her willow nests emanate an exterior calm and presence intertwined with inner spaces full of action and movement. . . .

  27. The Syringa Tree
    There is a fragrant Syringa tree in Lizzie's front yard. On the swing, which hangs from its protective branches, sits the precocious and privileged six-year-old who watches, trying to make sense of the chaos and magic of her world. . . . A new play, written and performed by Pamela Gien, this is the moving story of love between two families - one black, one white - and the two children born into their shared household in South Africa in the early 1960s.

  28. Fizzy Lizzy: sparkling with simplicity
    Health conscious Americans can begin counting calories backwards, as Fizzy Lizzy LLC introduces a line of all-natural beverages made solely from fruit juice and seltzer that are delicious, refreshing, and not too sweet. Making inroads in the juice category, this carbonated product that mixes the fizzy appeal of soft drink with the goodness of juice. Fizzy Lizzy, Port Washington, N.Y., is available in Ruby Red Grapefruit, Cranberry, Orange and Pineapple flavors. Initially targeting upscale markets in New York, the Hamptons and Brooklyn, the products have an average of 67 percent juice and about 80 calories per bottle.

  29. Lizzie's Lagniappe
    Lagniappe means 'something extra' and that is what you'll find at Lizzie's Lagniappe on Martha's Vineyard. Extra what we're not sure because the web page doesn't say. Go figure.

  30. Lizzie Kallinthrop: monster, megalomaniac, misanthrope or misunderstood?
    Described in 1975, as a "punks answer to an angry Wurzle Gumage" Lizzie Kallinthrop was lead singer and guitarist in the punk band "Wunderkind Sackcloth". The obscenity of the band's lyrics were balanced by the inarticulate guttural delivery of Lizzie, who in those days was known as Zi or Cider to those who knew her. . . .

  31. Lizzie Warham of the Kingsley School
    Lizzie loves reading and always has her nose in a book -- except when she has a LARGE plate of spaghetti in front of her. . . .

  32. The Only True History of Lizzie Finn
    Sebastian Barry's play focuses on a world largely ignored by 20th-century Irish drama, that of the rural "Big House". Lizzie, performing in Weston-super-Mare, is wooed in unorthodox, even distracted fashion by a fellow Kerryman returned from the Boer War and haunted by his experiences in Africa. Won over by his "wildness", it is only on her arrival in Ireland that she realises he is of the landlord class, one of those whose rent demands led to her own family's rootlessness. . . .

  33. Lizzie Douglas (Memphis Minnie)
    Born in Algiers, Louisiana in 1897, Lizzie Douglas adopted the name Memphis Minnie and made her recording debut in 1929 for the Columbia record label. Her career as a blues singer spanned the next thirty years.

  34. Lizzie sits in on Harry Potter's class
    11-year-old student Lizzie Wright is celebrating after spotting herself on the big screen as a pupil in Professor Snape's potion laboratory in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

  35. Lizzie's Morning
    Part of a National Geographic program for schools: "Follow a young American from bed to breakfast to bus and see how many cultures have touched her world. . . You may not have known it, but you interact with other cultures every day. You might wear clothing made in Asia, eat candy imported from Europe, or watch movies produced in Australia. Perhaps you like Latin American food or African music. In any case, you’re part of what geographers call cultural diffusion - the spread of items and ideas across boundaries. Get a glimpse of cultural diffusion in our very short story, "Lizzie’s Morning." Before she even leaves the house, she’s encountered things from more than a dozen different cultures! Then take a look at your morning and see how it compares with Lizzie’s.

  36. Painter's Hollow
    Ellie Corbin didn't know the secret until she went to Miss Lizzie's place. Creative fiction by writer Jenna Nielsson.

  37. Elizabeth David
    She was courageous and independent, leaving home to become an actress in rep, rushing off to the Mediterranean with a fascinating working-class cad, and finally discovering a métier fit for her talent. She seemed to have an impressive disregard for insecurity. As a well-bred and fastidious woman of her time, she fearlessly embarked on journeys to occupied Greece or wartime Cairo, ceaselessly moving and travelling. She was intelligent and well-read. Therein are the roots of Elizabeth David's interest in food, and on how her writing is about so very much more than food.

  38. Little Lizzie - wearables, graphics & design, and promotional products
    Whether it's an order for one dozen tee shirts with a one color logo or a complete package from graphics to products custom printed in full color, our mission is to make the purchase of your custom printed promotional products as easy and enjoyable as possible.

  39. Lizzie: the doll that speaks two languages
    Lizzie speaks Spanish. She's one of the Language Little soft-bodied 16" dolls that represent children from foreign lands. Each one speaks either French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese or Chinese. When one hand is pressed, the doll will recite one of a series of 25-30 "kid friendly" phrases, first in English, then translated into the doll's native language. When the other hand is pressed, the doll will count, recite colors, numbers, days of the week, and more in both English and the doll's native language. This doll will be your child's favorite doll and your child will be exposed to different language in a fun manner. It will develop your child's language skill along with listening skills. This doll will become your child's favorite.

  40. Our Cat Cuddles
    Lizzie persuades her parents to go to the local Animal Shelter. Our Cat Cuddles is a large format picture book, written in narrative verse, by well-loved children's author Gervase Phinn and illustrated by Amanda Montgomery-Higham.
    "Little Lizzie pestered, She drove her parents mad!
    'Oh, could we have a little cat?' She asked her mum and dad."
    "And in the corner all alone, There curled a kitten - skin and bone,
    With great sad eyes and matted fur; They heard its faint pathetic purr."
    Of course, appearances can be deceptive ...

  41. Lizzie visits the Sculpture Garden
    The National Gallery of Art presents a kids program based upon "The Lizzys" characters; When Gordon gets a homework assignment to write about art, Mom takes him and his siter, Luizzy, for an "artistic adventure" to the Sculptuer Garden at the National Gallery of Art. But Gordon seems more interested in finding the cafeteria, and Lizzy is not in the mood. Unti the art starts to take on a life of its own. (Animated!)

  42. Lizzy's Danish beadwork and papercuttings
    Hello and welcome to my home page. On this page you can buy Danish beadwork. Visit also my page with papercuttings. My English is not so good, but I hope you can understand me, all the same.

  43. Lizzy Aumeier, bassist
    Music may never be the same after being performed by Lizzy and her all girl orchestra. Even if you don't understand German, the photos on the site will keep you entertained. Enjoy.

  44. Thin Lizzy, Philip Lynott and the art of Jim Fitzpatrick
    I have produced over 250 pieces of artwork for Thin Lizzy and Philip Lynott and it is my intention to catalogue and publish all of this work on the LIZZY DAYS section of this site. It is a bit of a colossal undertaking for me . . .

  45. Lizzie-B Uniforms
    Lizzie-B Uniforms is a leading retail and online nurses' uniform outlet, located in Toronto, Canada. Since 1987, Lizzie-B has served thousands of customers in North America, through its retail outlet, mail order catalog, and our website.

  46. Lizzy Daymont, rock bassist
    Greetings, and welcome to the web site of musician Lizzy Daymont. Lizzy is a bassist, guitarist and sometimes drummer in the Seattle area. She has performed as bassist for acclaimed singer-songwriter Susan Robkin, bassist for DivaRock, a tribute to women in rock, and as drummer for the all-girl trio The Safety Skirts.

  47. Liz Leyden
    Safaris in East Africa and other travel, birding/natural history, photography/image manipulation are among my passions in life. This very personal site reflects these passions.

  48. Liz Mazakayanm, pro beach volleyball athlete
    Follow Beach Volleyball Professional Liz Masakayan on her journey to make the USA Olympic Team. Liz with Elaine Youngs are one the most exciting teams in sand volleyball.

  49. Get Rolling: the inline skating web site
    Dedicated to Inline Skating Fun, Fitness and Safety. "I am a committed recreational skater's advocate. I will do everything in my power to ensure that novices achieve the most positive first experience possible. This means encouraging them to buy the best equipment they can afford and to learn the basic skills, especially how to use the heel brake. To fight skate bans due to congested popular trails, I will help more experienced skaters build their speed and hill skills so they can train on a wider variety of trails without the risk of alienating other users. I will continue to encourage all skaters to improve their skills so they can adopt a well-rounded inline lifestyle."

  50. Lizzy: MIT's Wearable Computer
    Lizzy is the second generation wearable computer. The first generation was never released except internally at MediaLab. Why "Lizzy?" The name comes from a talk David Ross (Atlanta Veteran's Administration R&D) gave at the Boeing workshop about how the Model T Ford was nicknamed the "Tin Lizzy." Everyone adapted it to whatever task needed to be done: winching wagons, pumping water, taking the family to church, etc. It is my hope that these instructions will enable folks to make wearables that do tasks we never imagined.

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