Another Fifty More Ways to locate Lizzie!

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In putting together Lizzie's Place, Lizzie and her friends compiled a list of internet sites by or about some very interesting Lizzies. Unfortunately, Lizzie couldn't fit all of them on her web pages.

So here is Lizzie's third list of yet another FIFTY of these sites -- all of which will lead you to discover other fabulous Lizzies:

  1. Leaping Lizard Winery
    A Napa Cabernet for under $15!....Yes! Winemaker David Coleman delivers a rich, supple cabernet that goes great with a variety of food...popular at many restaurants. Lots of ripe, dark fruit at the fore, with modest spice and mineral notes adding to the complexity. Soft, integrated tannins and some oak are evident in the mouth-feel and pleasant, medium length finish. A Must Try!

  2. Elizabeth's Reel Classics
    Reel Classics is considered the Internet's most comprehensive site dedicated exclusively to Classic Movies. Comprising over 1700 pages and almost 3 gigabytes of content, it may well be the biggest too. It was established by Elizabeth, a 25-year-old Oklahoma City native, who began the website as a hobby. In 1999 she incorporated Reel Classics and she is now working at making a living writing about these movies and stars full-time.

  3. Miss Lizzie of Isle au Haut, Maine
    Elizabeth Rich was born in 1893 in a small house at Rich's Cove on Isle au Haut, near Arcadia National Park. She became the island's postmistress in 1926 and held that position for over sixty years. Although Miss Lizzie was seen by many as something of a matriarch of the island community, she wasn't particularly fond of being thought of as a "cherished institution."

  4. Lizzie's Land
    Lizzie was born on August 10, 2001. She weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 21 inches long. Be sure to her ask Mommy and Daddy if they have any baby pictures. Just how long do you suppose it took Mommy and Daddy to upload the first gigabyte to the the web server?

  5. Liz Castro, computer author
    Elizabeth Castro, who writes computer books with clear, concise information and lots of pictures of her cats. Her books are published by Peachpit Press of Berkeley, California. The latest edition of her most popular book, HTML for the World Wide Web, Fifth Edition with XHTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide, was published in September, 2002. Hundreds of thousands of people have used it to create their very first Web pages.

  6. Cape Elizabeth, Maine
    Extending 12 miles into open ocean, rimmed by craggy shores and sandy beaches, Cape Elizabeth marks the entrance to Maine's spectacular Casco Bay. The town is the site of the Portland Head Light, the most photographed lighthouse in the world and Edward Hopper's painting, "Lighthouse Hill", showing Cape Elizabeth Light at Two Lights, is the country's most famous lighthouse painting. It is part of the collection of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  7. Lizzie McGuire Central
    Wow! The penultimate Lizzie McGuire fan site. This website claims to have updated news, interactive games and multimedia you will find no where else. A Yahoo!clubs site.

  8. Lizzie's Journal
    This Lizzie writes for the Sacramento News and Review and keep a personal journal here on the web. She likes gardening, early mornings, Indian food, and strong coffee. She dislikes cars, aphids, and most people.

  9. The Port Elizabeth Omnibus Guide
    Set along the beautiful shores of Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth is located on the south eastern coast of Africa, and is a major tourist destination. The city offers a mix of eco-attractions as a holiday destination with scenic nature trails and wildlife experiences, long golden beaches, historic heritage and a unique coastal climate.

  10. Author Elizabeth Moon
    Popular author and Hugo Award nominee, Elizabeth Moon says about herself: "I used to think I could not possibly be creative using a typewriter. LeGuin's essay in Language of the Night got me over that. Now I use a computer for almost everything, and my handwriting has degenerated to a miserable scrawl. Other essential equipment: microscope, telescope, piano, large dough bowl, good bread knife, soup pot, well-seasoned iron skillet, two saddles, and a gazillion books."

  11. The Life of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    No female poet was held in higher esteem among cultured readers in both the United States and England than Elizabeth Barrett Browning during the nineteenth century. Barrett's poetry had an immense impact on the works of Emily Dickinson and others. Barrett's treatment of social injustice (the slave trade in America, the oppression of the Italians by the Austrians, the labor of children in the mines and the mills of England, and the restrictions placed upon women) is manifested in many of her poems.

  12. Elizabeth Arden, Inc.
    At a time when the only acceptable place to wear makeup was on the stage, Elizabeth Arden recognized American women's desire to breakout of that post-Victorian era mold. She brought rouge and tinted powder back from Paris, introduced the concept of eye makeup, and offered the very first "makeovers" in her salon. Ninety years later, her vision lives on in Elizabeth Arden, Inc., a company committed to the future of beauty with prestige products, scientific skin care, color and a fragrances.

  13. Elizabeth Haydon: The Rhapsody Trilogy
    Haydon's work is high fantasy, descended from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings through Eddings's Belgariad and Malloreon series, complete with an elf-like people, cannibalistic giants, fire-born demons, and dragons. Elements are drawn from familiar sources ranging from Norse myth to Mozart's The Magic Flute, Haydon's magic world-building is convincing, consistent, and interesting.

  14. The New Elizabeth
    Excerpts from the State of the City Address to the Elizabeth, New Jersey City Council by Mayor Chris Bollwage on January 1, 2000. "Today we fight for what is fair. We fight for what is right. We fight for what is best for Elizabeth. When we learned that the Port Authority was engaging in questionable dealings at the expense of our tax-payers: we fought back. When we learned that a New York Congressman was pushing legislation to redirect additional flights over Elizabeth which would cause an increase in noise pollution and safety risks for Elizabeth residents: we fought back. When we learned that New York City decided Elizabeth was a better place to send garbage than taking care of it themselves: we fought back."

  15. The University of Port Elizabeth
    The University of Port Elizabeth is a learning community with a clear focus on development. Our programmes and services are informed by our societal context and reflect our commitment to be a major provider of cutting-edge knowledge and well-equipped leaders. The University is located in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

  16. Shannon Elizabeth
    Actress Shannon Elizabeth can't help it if she has her name backwards. I guess you could call her Shannon Lizzie, but I don't think she'd like that. (Her real name is Shannon Elizabeth Fadal.) Her claim to fame comes from roles in the movies American Pie, Scary Movie, and Seamless among others. Being 5'-9", in her mid-twenties, and a former model featured in the August 1999 Playboy doesn't hurt either. This site is heavy with flash animations which, like Shannon Elizabeth, are nice to look at. Unfortunately, they can also be a little annoying and contrived.

  17. The College of Saint Elizabeth
    Founded in 1899 by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, the College of Saint Elizabeth is the first permanent four-year liberal arts college for women to be established under either public or private auspices in the State of New Jersey, and is among the first Catholic colleges in the United States to grant degrees to women.

  18. The Bewitched Site
    Claims to be the original, biggest, best and most complete site devoted to the TV comedy series Bewitched and its star, Elizabeth Montgomery. "Yes, this is the bewitching town of Westport, Connecticut circa 1964! Here is a safe haven where all are welcome. Sam and Darrin extend an open invitation for you to visit as often as you like! Here we celebrate the enchanting TV series, and especially the life and career of its beloved star, Elizabeth Montgomery."

  19. The Cult of Lizz
    Lizz Zitron presents social commentary, wit, humor, feminism, riot grrls, and good fashion sense. A serious/fun look at society's values and beliefs from a goofy Jewish Pagan.

  20. JJ Webb and The Monitor Lizard Blues
    Born in 1947, JJ Webb grew up in Western Pennsylvania, where he was the son of a scientist father and an art gallery administrator mother. He was raised to appreciate electricity and poetry.

  21. Little Lizzie Lizard's story
    Elementary education students from Pennsylvania's Clarion University "Children's Literature" class collaborated with Keystone High School 11th graders to plan interactive stories and write the text. All of the 11th graders then received training in web authoring. The students shared their online stories with Kindergarten students to complete the project.

  22. Elizabeth Miller presents Dracula's Homepage
    Elizabeth Miller is a professor with the Department of English at Memorial University of Newfoundland (retired), now living in Toronto. Her special interest is in 19th century British Gothic Fiction, with particular emphasis on Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN and Bram Stoker's DRACULA. She is active in Dracula Studies, having given papers on everyone's favorite vampire in Canada, the U.S., Ireland, Germany, Poland, and Romania. She is also President of the Canadian Chapter, Transylvanian Society of Dracula (an organization based in Romania) and Past President of the Lord Ruthven Assembly, a constituent group within the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts.

  23. Elizabeth Dole
    Senator Dole goes by the nickname "Liddy" -- but Lizzie is going to include her among the many famous Lizzies. Wife of presidential candidate Bob Dole and past-president of the Ameican Red Cross, Liddy Dole has more achievements on her resume than can be listed here. Go to her web site and find out.

  24. Thank God He Met Lizzie
    Yes, Lizzie knows that this movie is one of the links from her Lizzie Game page -- but this link is to a different narrative which takes yet another view of this Cate Blanchett film.

  25. Lizzie Black Kander
    Lizzie Black Kander was one of the first women in Milwaukee to undertake social work activities with the Russian Jewish immigrants who had been arriving in the city since the 1880's; in fact, she became known as the Jane Addams of Milwaukee. She first established the Milwaukee Jewish Mission in 1896 in borrowed quarters in Temple B'ne Jeshurun and Temple Emanu-El. Her organization changed its name and location several times before moving around 1951 to its present Prospect Avenue location where it became known as the Jewish Community Center of Milwaukee.

    She is best known for publishing in 1900 a cookbook called The Way to a Man's Heart as a one of the first cookbooks ever published to raise money for a non-profit organization. The cookbook, renamed The Settlement Cookbook has been revised and reprinted over a dozen times and is said to have raised more money than any similar venture ever. Read more about Lizzie Black Kander here and here.

  26. Coxswain Lizzie
    University of Tennessee Rowing Coach Lisa Glenn writes: "Lizzie Brown is a skilled coxswain who has the potential to be an impact player. What she needs is hunger. I expect Lizzie to improve her athleticism and competitiveness within the program by not being satisfied with her current position on the team."

  27. Freaky Lizzie
    Connecticut teenager Lizzie has a unique perspective on life, love and the pursuit of her parents' sanity. Read some of her stories, see photos of her friends, and enjoy the chaos. Or, as Lizzie would say, "Now, that sort of thing can be fairly unsettling, finding a giant hot dog car right behind you."

  28. Lizzie's Cyberspace
    Lizzie Santiago of Pennsylvania State University writes about those things which are of interest and importance to her: family, friends, Puerto Rico and ice cream.

  29. What Lizzie Says
    Among other things, Lizzie Murphy says, "Been dog sitting for my sister ...never again ...he was sweet and all that, but I decided I just don't like dogs ...not for me ...cats yes ...horses yes, ...reptiles yes ...dogs NO!!!!" Woof!

  30. Lizzie Candles & Soap
    Lizzie offers hand poured jar and votive candles using natural vegetable 100% soybean wax. All of these candles are wicked with cotton or paper core wicks. Lizzie doesn't use any metal wicks at all. Lizzie also makes soap by the old fashioned method of cold processing. This means she allows her soaps to cure approximately four to six weeks after processing and uses the finest available natural ingredients from around the world. Natural Vegetable Soaps include a mixture of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and Castor Oil. Additional enrichments may include one or more of the following, Apricot Kernel Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Soybean Oil, or Walnut Oil.

  31. Designer Coats by Lizzie Pickard
    Originally from Macon, Georgia, Lizzie Pickard was educated in St. Paul and Bangkok before arriving in New York City to study clothing design at Parsons School of Design. In fact, it was while doing anthropological fieldwork in Thailand that she decided to seriously pursue fashion. "I'd designed and sketched since I was a teenager, but it wasn't until I arrived in Thailand, and kept finding myself fascinated by the non-European, non-Western shapes and proportions that I finally acknowledged clothing design as my vocation." Her ready-to-wear coats currently appear exclusively at Takashimaya in New York.

  32. The cutter Lizzie May
    Launched in June 2001 by Alf Jenkins, grandson of Captain Stephen Jenkins of the Agnes, Lizzie May has enjoyed her first season of sailing the English and French coasts. Privately owned and based in Poole, Dorset, Lizzie May's quality, speed and elegance has been turning heads wherever she sails.

  33. Lizzie's Herbs and Spices
    Situated in the Glenfair Shopping Centre, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria, South Africa (just off the N1 motorway), Lizzie has brought the East to Pretoria with her herbs and spices.

  34. Lady of the Bellows: Lizzie Kirby
    Canadian poet and musician Bruce Haack, writing about his childhood experiences in the 1940s: "I got to know her in our town of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta Canada. I being eleven and she having about 7 smiling children. A lady blacksmith, Lizzie could shoe a horse better than a man -- it was said -- and she was always welding, grimy face, smile, loving eyes -- and her children all smiles."

  35. Dirty Designz by Lizzie
    Adult Entertainment is one of the most lucrative industries on the internet. Few areas on the Net attract such huge numbers of paying customers. Most adult websites are very poorly designed. Unfortunately, these sites are created by designers with little or no skill in creating a professional site. Lizzie says she attempts to take a different angle to adult web site and graphic design with an artistic feel unlike the typical adult site.

  36. Lizzy's Costumes: the definitive list
    The role of Elizabeth Bennet in the 1995 BBC/A&E production of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice was played by Jennifer Ehle. Austen fan Ann Haker went through the five-and-a-half hour mini-series looking for the different dresses which Elizabeth Bennet wore and trying to answer the question: which one does she wear the most?

  37. Pale as the Dead
    A mystery novel by British writer Fiona Mountain. In Pale as the Dead, genealogist detective Natasha Blake is retained by Bethany Marshall to research her family history. Bethany is having an affair with a photographer who asks her to pose for a series of photographs in the style of Pre-Raphaelites and their paintings of Lizzie Siddal. Mysteriously, Bethany disappears. The setting and atmosphere of the book is haunting, as Natasha’s need to find Bethany takes on an urgency, the more she learns of the girl’s obsession with Lizzie Siddal, and Lizzie’s tragic death.

  38. Lizzie comes home in a cloud of steam
    Liverpool's Lime Street station was transported back to another age at as the Princess Elizabeth, Merseyside's most famous steam locomotive made a long-awaited triumphal return to the city. Although officially named after the Queen when she was a little girl, the locomotive became universally known as Lizzie after she was built at Crewe in 1933 for the London Midland & Scottish Railway.

  39. Elizabeth Scarlet Jagger
    With a famous rock star father and a supermodel mother, Elizabeth Jagger is all set for celebrity. As the face of Lancome's LCM range, the 18-year-old model has certainly come into her own. With her full lips, rock-child face, luscious brown locks and endless legs, she is, physically, only a chromosome short of the stunning combined looks of her parents, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall.

  40. Lizzie: adorable children's gecko
    The most adorable gecko you'll ever see. A great design for infants as well as older children. The patterned geckos are visually stimulating and just plain cute.

  41. The Lizzie Bennett Dress
    Perfect for those who fantisize about the world of Jane Austen -- or just something to enhance one's Gothic wardrobe. This distinctive cotton brocade "Lizzy Bennet" dress is custom made from cotton brocade in black on black, gold on red, gold on green, gold on chocolate, gold on royal blue and off-white on off-white. Complete with braided trim, bows, empire waist, and scoop neck to complement any heaving bosom. Oh, my.

  42. Just down the hall...
    "Lizzie, the ever busy drama student! Living two doors down from me has taken its toll on Lizzie. Being the only two 'normal' people on our corridor we huddle together for sanity and much pop idol watching. I havcen't quite finished this page yet but lizzie won't notice because she doesn't have a computer and will only see it on mine -- so i'll hide it till its finished!"

  43. Liz Lange: for the mother-to-be
    Former Vogue editor Liz Lange believes that simple, interchangeable clothes that are impeccably cut from top-quality stretch fabrics are the secret to looking great, pregnant or not. She has been producing a line of maternity wear since 1997.

  44. The Tin Lizzies: large men on small cars
    The Shriners lodge was founded in New York City in 1872 by Billy Florence, an actor, and Walter Fleming, a physician. Together they created the elaborate rituals, designed the emblem and costumes, and formalized the salutation. The Calgary (Canada) unit of the Shrine maintains a fleet of "Tin Lizzies" which are used for charitable fund-raising events and parades.

  45. Aeronautical Engineer Liz
    Lizzie Stachour is a graduate student in Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University. She completed her B.S. in AeroE at Iowa State in December 2001, and is scheduled to complete her master's degree in December 2002/January 2003. Originally from Apple Valley, Minnesota, home of the Minnesota Zoo, Lizzie has worked with Boeing Space Systems in Huntington Beach, California and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth, Texas. She has experience in thermal analysis, aerodynamic analysis, and flight control system design. And she is getting married and moving to Kentucky.

  46. Bridal Gowns by Dizzie Lizzie
    Dizzie Lizzie Couture has been at the forefront of bridal design since the late 1980's. All of Dizzie Lizzie's styles are both designed and made in the U.K. Her dresses are very elegant and widely available around the world.

  47. Lizzie Bullion's Personal Page
    Lizzie likes British Football, steaks, salads, chicken, Indian food, Italian food, chocolate, Ben & Jerrys ice cream, and chatting with her friends on the internet, chocolate, and a nice cup of tea. Ah, there will always be an England.

  48. Toys from Maine: Tin Lizzie and the Antique Truck
    The Antique Truck and Tin Lizzie are companion pieces that stir up memories of the "good old days" in the last millenium. They each are made of wood and measure 15" long x 10" high x 8" wide. It's amazing how recognizable these vehicles are to small children -- usually eliciting a response like: "Mommy, look at the 'old fashioned' cars".

  49. Courageous Cat Lizzie
    When she turned 7 years old on September 24th, 2001, Lizzie (also known as Bizzie Lizzie, Queen Lizzie, and The Biz) was been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) and a serious heart murmer. Lizzie's mom says, "Lizzie is my best friend in the good times, and my most trusted confidant in the bad times, but Lizzie means much more to me than just a friend. We go way back to a very simple, and joyous time in both our lives . . . " Hang in there, Lizzie.

  50. Lizzie's Curvy Cathouse
    Lizzie is not sure that she approves of this sort of thing. She certainly wants to make it especially clear that, like all of the links on these pages, this is NOT the real Lizzie. This Lizzie says: "I'm Lizzie and I'd love for you to join me and my girlfriend Mary Jane for a wild time! If you lust for curvy all-american babes then you've come to the right place! The photos on my site are all original and all exclusive and photographed right here in the southern U.S. We can't wait to play with you so just click here for our Hot Photo Tour!"

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