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In putting together Lizzie's Place, Lizzie and her friends compiled a list of internet sites by or about some very interesting Lizzies. Unfortunately, Lizzie couldn't fit all of them on her web pages.

So here is Lizzie's second list of FIFTY more of these sites -- all of which will lead you to discover other fabulous Lizzies:

  1. Lizzie's Gift Shop
    No shoplifting allowed! And no, they don't sell prussic acid or serve mutton stew. What they do offer is a collection of exclusive Lizzie Borden merchandise -- a perfect guilty pleasure for yourself or the Lizzie Borden fans on your gift list. Be sure to play with the Lizzie Borden Magnetic Poetry Kit.

  2. Lizzie's Diary
    Personal diary page (probably a template provided by the ISP) for a 14-year-old lizzie in canada. A lot of stuff in a small space, including pix of her various friends holding up "Happy Birthday Lizzie" signs.

  3. Lizzie Tish - Crafter of Fine Beadworks
    "I can't remember a time in my life when I haven't had a needle in my hand. My aunt taught me how to sew clothes by hand.... I still make French seams whenever I make a skirt or blouse. I don't remember who taught me how to knit, I just seem to remember looking down one day and discovering that with two knitting needles and yarn, I could make a unique sweater. After years of laying out patterns and following knitting instructions, I now can adapt my ideas quite easily and now knit the beaded purses and wearable art."

  4. Lizzie's Looking Glass
    Children's specialty and educational toys which will grow with your children. For all ages. Books, games, toys, crafts for baby to pre-teen.

  5. Auntie Lizzie Aiken from Peoria
    In 1861 Elizabeth Aiken offered her services as nurse to Major J. N. Niglas, head surgeon of the Sixth Illinois Cavalry. In November, the regiment was ordered to Shawneetown and Mrs. Aiken accompanied it. As she passed from cot to cot ministering to the comfort of the suffering soldiers, one of the patients asked Major Niglas: "What shall we call this kind woman?" "You may call her Aunt Lizzie," answered the surgeon. She was never known by any other name during the entire war. For a more detailed biography of this remarkable Lizzie, please go here.

  6. Lizzie's Homespun
    A place where you can find primitive dolls, patterns, notepads, wood items, and other needful things. Be sure to check out my new patterns for the season along with new christmas note cards. You can see us in the new Country Marketplace that hits newstands on Nov.1st. Make sure you check out my special section for items that are on sale.

  7. Lizzie Cook - New Zealand Performer
    Lizzie Cook has been involved in music her entire life. Her musical talent stretches across the spectrum from playing the accordian, clarinet, oboe and classical piano, to singing, songwriting and performing her own theatre projects. Lizzie grew up in Whangarei, New Zealand. She toured New Zealand with her theatre projects in 1993 and 1997, and also performed in Melbourne, Australia in 1992 and released her debut CD 'Forty Damn Years' in 1998. Her latest CD, 'Letter From My Heart', was released in November 2001.

  8. Mad Lizzie Clarke: The Scottish Gathering of Country & Western Dance
    Use this site to find information on both Competition and Linedance in Scotland. (Well, the Highlands are Country, no?) Lizzie Clarck has included some other useful C&W links here, too.

  9. Lizzie Loveridge - Theatre Critic
    Theatre critic Lizzie Loveridge writes for CurtainUp and lives in London. Her background is as a college lecturer and as a theatre-goer over four decades. From 1997 to 2000 she was with Theatreworld, a London based internet magazine, where she was formerly Assistant Editor. An enthusiast, she says, "I fell in love with theatre in my teens when I stood three times to see Peter O'Toole in Hamlet, directed by Sir Lawrence Olivier at The Old Vic and it was the full four and a quarter hour version!"

  10. Lizzie (Al Khabara Aliyah-Zeba)
    Krist-Wil Kennels have been breading Afghan Hounds since 1977. Successful in the show ring, Krist-Wil aims to breed dogs healthy in mind and body, with good temperaments, sound conformation and movement, and with classical elegance. Their priority is to place puppies in permanent, loving homes where they live as family, and to retain contact with them and their owners throughout their lives. Al Khabara Aliyah-Zeba -- "LIZZIE" -- is their import from Estonia. She started her show carreer very successfully with wins in several shows in 2001. As of September, 2002, Lizzie's puppies have already started in puppy class with wonderful results. After her maternity, Lizzie will be coming back quickly to the show ring to continue her career.

  11. Lizzie Fran's Fabric Stash
    Lizzie Fran offers premium, name brand quilting cottons at discounted prices. She has yardage, fat quarters, and is now putting together some fantastic quilting kits.

  12. Lizzie Lake's World
    Welcome to Lizzie's world of sci-fi, cult and curio TV. Pages about the Realm of Vampires and Witches (including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series and Charmed), about Space & Aliens (Battlestar Galactica, Roswell High), and about Ally McBeal, Dark Angel, DB Sweeney, and about Lizzie herself.

  13. Lizzie Lizzie Lizzie
    Meanings, origins, and famous namesakes of the name Lizzie. From the "Baby Name Network."

  14. The Lizzie's Trail Inn and Historical Museum
    Located in Sierra Madre, California, Lizzie's Trail Inn was once the center of activity for the pack trains that hauled everything up and down the Mt. Wilson trail. From 1864 to about 1905, this was the access route to the top of Mt. Wilson and later to several camps and resorts. Thousands would hike up the trails each weekend. Lizzie's was known not only for good food and supplies, but during the prohibition years, it was known for a still in the northwest room. Lizzie's was raided on more than one occasion. On Oct. 2nd, 1926, Sierra Madre City Marshall A.M. Udell requested a search warrant because there was "just and reasonable cause to believe there is intoxicating liquor intended for use upon the premises." On October 7, 1926, Lizzie pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and paid a rather sizable (for the time) $200 fine. In 1976, the Sierra Madre Historical Preservation Society began a restoration of the structure and is turning it into a museum of the pack trains, trails and mountain camps of early Sierra Madre.

  15. The Lizzie McGuire Movie (a preview look)
    Apparently seeing bigger dollars on the big screen than on their own TV networks, Disney is bumping the popular "Lizzie McGuire" concept, which only debuted 19 months ago, from TV to movies, starting with this movie. It is based upon the popular TV series, "Lizzie McGuire", which aired on the Disney Channel in 2001-2002, as part of their "Zoog Weekendz" schedule, and also airs on ABC Saturday mornings. The series ended production after 65 episodes. The premise: Graduating from junior high school, Lizzie McGuire (Duff) goes to Italy for her summer vacation. As in the TV series, Lizzie's inner thoughts are represented on the screen in the form of an animated version of herself. Anticipated for release in May of 2003.

  16. The Lizzie J. Greenleaf
    Two of the crew of the schooner Lizzie J. Greenleaf strayed away from their vessel while engaged in hauling their trawls January 8, 1895. A dense fog prevailed with rain squalls and followed next morning by a northeast snow storm. Two days later, weak and exhausted, they were picked up by their own vessel., They could not have survived a day longer in the bitter cold in the ocean off Gloucester.

  17. Lizzie Johnson Williams
    Lizzie E. Johnson Williams, schoolteacher, cattle dealer, and investor, was born on May 9, 1840. About 1844 her family moved to Texas. Lizzie earned a degree in 1859 from the Chappell Hill Female College and began her career as a schoolteacher. She established her own primary school in Austin. She also did bookkeeping and through her acquaintance with prominent cattlemen and investors of the day, she recognized the profits to be made in cattle. On June 1, 1871, she registered her cattle brand under the name of Elizabeth Johnson. Two days later she made her first real-estate transaction by purchasing ten acres of land in Austin for 3,000 gold dollars. She achieved legendary status as an early Texas "cattle queen" and is thought to be the first woman in Texas to ride the Chisholm Trail with a herd of cattle that she had acquired under her own brand. In her later years, Lizzie grew increasingly reclusive and eccentric. She also had a reputation for being miserly. Because she sometimes appeared to be impoverished, Austinites were startled to learn after her death in 1924 that Lizzie Williams had amassed almost a quarter of a million dollars.

  18. A Story about Lizzie and Arthritis
    Michèlle Feinstein of Wholistic Healthworks tells the story of Lizzie, a 75-year-old woman, who deals with arthritis through holistic natural remedies, ancient Chinese medicine, and other alternative therapies. And it happens in Southern California, too.

  19. Busy Lizzie the Micro-Mouse
    The "micromouse" competition has been running since the late 1970s around the world. Competition takes place in a wooden maze made up of a 16 by 16 grid of cells. Electro-mechanical mice must find their way from a predetermined starting position to the central area of the maze unaided. The mice need to keep track of where they are, to discover walls as they explore, to map out the maze, and to detect when they have reached the goal. "Busy Lizzie" is one of two micromouse designs built and run by Ken Warwick. Both are tricycle designs with a pair of DC motors providing motive power with a single steered front wheel.

  20. Lizzie Zipmouth
    In this children's book by Jacqueline Wilson, Lizzie refuses to speak. It's as if she has a zip across her mouth. She doesn't want to talk to anyone, especially her new stepbrothers and their dad. She certainly doesn't feel like talking to her mum. Then one day a member of her new family turns out to be even more stubborn than Lizzie, and things begin to change...

  21. Lizzie Love, the Caring Clown
    Lisabeth Reynolds is everyone's favorite entertainer. As Lizzie Love, the caring clown, she is available for all occasions inlcuding schools functions, birthday parties, grand openings, fund raising, senior parties, festivals, promotions, hospitals, shopping centers, banquets, and retirement homes.

  22. Lizzie and the BAD
    Lizzie is a bitch... and a very agile one at that. Not to mention a Bearded Collie and member of the Beardie Agility Diehards ("BAD") -- an organization of owners of these smart, handsome and very agile animals. Originally bred for sheep herding, these dogs now compete in events where they display their agility and obedience.

  23. Lizzie Whittaker - Young Adventurer
    The six year old daughter of Tom & Cindy Whittaker has trekked with her parents into the Annapurna Sanctuary and up to 15,000 feet in route to Everest Base Camp. With her parents she has done river rafting, beginning climbing and hiking around the world.

  24. Lizzie Barmes - Professor of Law
    Lizzie joined the Faculty of University College, London, in September of 1999. Her current research interests include adjudication requiring interpretation of public opinion, remedies for harassment and the common law of the contract of employment.

  25. Tin Lizzie - An Automotive Classic
    A 1923 Ford "Tin Lizzie" tells her story from her own perspective. Interesting, clever writing and with some nice photographs.

  26. Lizzie's Library
    Off-the-beaten-track, in the sleepy little Queensland river town of Long Flat lives a very special librarian, Lizzie. With her mobile library "Booksy", Lizzie drives around the countryside, visiting the children of Australia's outback. (An Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV program for kids.)

  27. Lizzie Brennan - Australian singer
    Singer, songwriter and guitarist with over 20 years experience, Lizzie has performed professionally in most major cities in Australia as well as Britain and Ireland. Significant influences on her work include Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Enya. Lizzie's major recent achievements include the recording of her debut CD album Statues in the Park.

  28. Lizzie's boo-teek
    A collection of merchandize featuring artwork depicting Lizzie, the mascot of Waiting-forthe-Sun.Net, a tribute site to the life and times of Jim Morrison and The Doors. Proceeds from sales of Waiting-forthe-Sun.Net merchandise support the maintenance and growth of the website. Drop by often and be sure to give a Lizard a home today!

  29. The Lizzie D
    The Lizzie D was an 85 foot long tugboat built in 1907. When prohibition outlawed liquor in the 1920's she used to stay on station just outside United States territorial waters with her holds filled with whiskey, bourbon and the like for the speed boats from shore to zip in and out of the Coast Guard's clutches and deliver the illegal hooch to the speakeasy's and social clubs on Long Island and New York City.

  30. Aunt Lizzie's
    For years, Elizabeth Harwell - "Aunt Lizzie" to family and friends - would convert her kitchen into a virtual cheese straw factory every weekend of November to make enough cheese straws to give out as Christmas gifts. In the fall of 1983, her daughter, Ann Randalls, and Ginna Kelley, a life-long friend, decided to parlay this family gift-giving tradition into a business. Aunt Lizzie's Cheese Straws, Sun-Dried Tomato Straws, and Lemon Shortbread Bites are baked and packaged fresh for delivery to you from their bakery in Memphis, Tennessee. Order them here.

  31. The Social Life of Lizzie Swanson
    Mrs. Elizabeth Lyons Swanson, wife of Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator Claude A. Swanson, died in 1920 but remains a local legend in Virginia. Do you know many elegant ladies these days -- ladies who wear boas and diamonds and entertain effortlessly and have a cordial yet reserved relationship with their domestic help? Mrs. Swanson fit the description, a post-Victorian woman "widely known outside of Virginia through having served as hostess at many Washington social functions..."

  32. The Beatles' DIZZY MISS LIZZY -- the Karaoke version
    Hear the music while you sing your own version using the lyrics shown on your screen. "You make me dizzy, Miss Lizzie, the way you rock'n'roll..."

  33. Lizzie's Sesame Rice
    The Raun Family has been farming rice for more than 80 years on the fertile plains of the Texas Gulf Coast. Here's a recipe using their Texas jasmine rice.

  34. Googlism
    This web site finds out what thinks of you, your friends or anything! Here is the results of a search for Lizzie. (Googlism was developed by a team of web developers. It uses for creating exciting and funny results. It is a fun tool to see what Google "thinks" of certain topics and people. Of course, the results are not really Google's opinion, they're yours, the web site owners of the world.)

  35. Lizzie Kallinthrop
    Described by John Peel, in 1975, as a "punks answer to an angry Wurzle Gumage" Lizzie Kallinthrop was lead singer and guitarist in the punk band Wunderkind Sackcloth. The obscenity of the band's lyrics were balanced by the inarticulate guttural delivery of Lizzie. . .

  36. Lizzie - An Amazon Adventure
    In 1896, Lizzie Hessel traveled 4000 miles on four rivers through three countries to join her husband on a rubber plantation in Bolivia. In so doing, Lizzie became the first European to penetrate so far on the Amazon River system.

  37. Lizzie is a mellow creature
    Barbara Shepard has a pet lizard. Her name is, originally enough, Lizzie. She is a Leopard Gekko (Eublepharis macularius). She (Barbara believes she is a she, anyway) is a very mellow creature. Most of her time is spent sitting still, sleeping, or eating. There's probably some very deep lessons to be learned from that.

  38. Cosmetics from Poland
    Yes, women use cosmetics in Poland. And LIZZIE has an extensive and elegant product line ranging from eye shadow to body jewels.

  39. On first base: Lizzie Murphy
    In her prime, Lizzie Murphy, also known as "Spike," was billed as the Queen of Baseball, the best woman player in the country. She started her career at age 15, playing for amateur teams around her hometown of Warren, Rhode Island, before signing with the Providence Independents. She played for the Boston All-Stars from 1918-1935, playing in the American League All-Star Game in 1922 and the National League All-Star Game in 1928.

  40. Lizzie's Moon
    In this lyrical and imaginative story, a magical white bird takes Lizzie on a night journey where the moon sheds light on her fears. This fantastic dreamtale is told through the memory of Liz, the performer, with table-top puppets.

  41. American Cancer Society: Lizzie's Story
    Lizzie is a 17-year old who has completed treatment for acute leukemia. When Lizzie was in the hospital, she met a girl her age who was going through the same treatment. The two became fast friends, and spent as much time together as they could in the hospital. No matter what, they could talk to each other about what was going on.

  42. Elizabeth Kitty Stanton
    Lizzie's the cat that no one ever sees. She's a "way it's supposed to be" cat, who will hide from anything new or strange. A relic, no doubt, from her formative weeks with her mother, living near an apartment complex' parking lot.

  43. Lizzie Rummel, Baroness of the Canadian Rockies
    Elizabeth von Rummel, born into aristocracy in turn-of-the-century Germany. She came with her family to live on a ranch in the Alberta foothills as an alternative to life in her World War One-ravaged homeland. Then, when most people were settling into middle age, Lizzie struck out on another challange; for 32 years she ran backcountry lodges like Skoki and Assiniboine, for which she received the Order of Canada and the friendship of hundreds of people whose lives were enhanced by her special charm.

  44. Lizzie's Things
    Lizzie's Things was formed in October 2002 to allow me to turn my love of crafting into a business, and to take advantage of my newfound free time since being laid off from the tech sector. Currently Lizzie's Things is mainly beading with some stained glass, and I may expand into polymer clay work.

  45. Lizzie's Cottage
    Lizzie's Cottage welcomes you to the grace, charm and open hospitality that was a turn of the century tradition. In 1900, A.S. and Lizzie Allen built the cottage in the charming central Kansas town of Great Bend. After elegant and meticulous renovation it now offers Bed and Breakfast & Fine Dining.

  46. Lizzie Peters
    Lizzie Peters was part of the proud sorority of Washoe basketmakers. She was born in the late 1860s, a contemporary of many well-known California native-American artisans. Lizzie's work is highly sought by collectors. Her artistry retains the small size, simple shape, and relative coarseness of stitching. Her arrangements of broad zigzags and alternations of spaced motifs appear to be elaborations of designs found on early cooking and storage baskets.

  47. Extreme Lizzie
    Lizzie D may be young but she has no small ego. This is her page where she describes herself as "the coolest, sweetest, nicest, funest person around!" Here is a picture of Lizzie and her friends in the fifth grade Gifted and Talented math group at her school in Haslett, Michigan. Go Lizzie!

  48. The Lizzie Lift
    Handicap Helpers Inc. introduces the Lizzie Lift -- providing an easier way to move the bedridden. The Lizzie Lift is a patient lift and transport for the disabled. It can reduce the fear in patients of being dropped while moving. One caregiver can use the Lizzie Lift in moving a patient. It is the only solid lift for actual lifting, loading, and moving patients to where they need to be transported on one piece of equipment and eliminates risky styles of lifts that use "slings, trapeze bars, chain & triangles," and don't provide a solid full weight support under the patient.

  49. Lizzie Ihling, balloonist
    Lizzie Ihling made two balloon ascensions, on October 4 and 5, 1876, during the celebration for the Centennial Fair of the Centre County Agricultural Society. The local press reported: "A balloon ascension at any time is attractive, but when made by a beautiful and accomplished young lady it becomes fascinating -- at least to the young men, while the young ladies will be compelled, in sheer self-defense, to turn out en masse, in order to prevent their 'gentlemen friends' from becoming too enthusiastic in their admiration of the gay young aeronaut."

  50. Lizzie’s Last-Chance Fiancé
    Lizzie has a hard time saying "No." Lizzie’s Last-Chance Fiancé, a Harlequin American Romance, is the story of Elizabeth Rose Muldoon, a hapless entrepreneur who has assembled an eclectic assortment of troubled employees she is determined to fix: a receptionist who can’t say the name of the business correctly; an accountant who is a reformed embezzler; a narcoleptic security guard. Lizzie tends to collect strays.

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