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In putting together Lizzie's Place, Lizzie and her friends compiled a list of internet sites by or about some very interesting Lizzies. Unfortunately, Lizzie couldn't fit all of them on her web pages.

So here is Lizzie's first list of FIFTY of these sites -- all of which will lead you to discover other fabulous Lizzies:

  1. Welcome to lizzie @ gweepnet!
    Another personal lizzie site by local unix sysadmin and all-around girrrl geek Lizzie Stewart. More or less interesting with many pages on various topics of interest to Lizzie. Lizzie is a Virgo, born on August 26th. By the Chinese Astrology calendar, she is the boar. And, if you pay attention to numerology, her life path number is seven. And, she is a graduate of Worcester Polytech in Computer Science and has eight years of experience as a sysadmin working with high-end Sun systems. Her web site is hosted on gweep-net which is a story in and of itself.

  2. Dear Lizzie : Memoir of a Jewish Immigrant Woman
    Leona Tamarkin recounts her ordeal as a Jewish refugee during the First World War and her life as a young immigrant in America after 1920. Tamarkin's narrative rings with determination, will to live, and boldness, even within confining circumstances. First conveyed as a letter from a grandmother to her then fifteen-year-old granddaughter, Lizzie, the memoir offers a story too painful to say out loud but too important to be left unsaid. More than simply a family story, Tamarkin's written words bring immediacy and humanity to distant historical events. (Edited with an introduction by Elizabeth Reis)

  3. Lizzy's Ice Cream
    The Scoop on Lizzy's: Way back in 1995, Lizzy’s was founded by Nick Pappas (one of those eccentric corporate world types.) In a bout of mid-life crisis, Nick cashed in his chips as a Digital manager—and dove head first into his dream of making the most delicious ice cream around! Lizzy's Ice Cream Parlor, 367 Moody Street, Waltham, MA

  4. Queen Elizabeth of the Cunard - White Star Line
    Launched on September 27, 1938, Cunard Line's Queen Elizabeth was the ultimate luxury liner, plying the Atlantic between England and America. Over the next three and a half decades, the Queen Elizabeth would lead several lives: as war ship, as a cruise ship, as a Florida hotel. It all ended in Hong Kong in 1974.

  5. "and yes I said yes I will Yes... she was the very Lizziest of Lizzies..."
    The web log and journal of Lizzie B: "I am applying to transfer to the University of Chicago's Professional Masters Program in Computer Science. Not that they'll want me. My GPA was in the low 3.3s in college, and I'm way too quirky and not factually oriented enough for the U of C. But heck, it's worth a try. And if I get in, I never have to attend another DePaul CS class again." (Definitely Lizzie's kind of Lizzie!) Read her blog or read her journal .

  6. Detective Lizzie
    A distance learning site created by Northern Arizona University to teach "Classroom Management of Exceptional Children." It is aimed at educators and others interested in working with children. The computer technology people have produced an impressive site for self-paced intruction using teaching aids with sound and animation. The talking "Detective Lizzie" will never replace Bogart as Sam Spade in the Maltese Falcon, but he/she is still one of the more interesting gumshoes you're likely to meet online.

  7. Lizzie Borden - Inductive Approaches to History
    University of Massachusetts web programmer Erik Haugsjaa ( of Amherst gathered user requirements and iteratively protoyped this course website. It's purpose is to demonstrate how to structure online teaching materials. It does this by presenting a full course in historical research using primary-source instruction based on web-based guided discovery. The medium is the message.

  8. Yet Another Lizzie Borden site
    This site used some very nice stylized paintings and animation which was originally done for "Queer Television." It concentrates on Lizzie Borden and her presumed lesbian relationship with actress Nance O'Neil. The creative visual content makes this site well worth a visit.

  9. Liz Blizz from SoBe
    The advertising copy says "A tropical refresher that celebrates the sport of snowboarding. Enhanced with echinacea, zinc and vitamin C." Or, as Becky Dunne wrote in her blog on March 16, 2002: "I've discovered a new SoBe which I absolutely love! It's the SoBe Liz Blizz kind... it looks like milk. But the flavor is coconut! Mmmm... it's heaven."

  10. Will Lizzie go crazy?
    Lizzie, a woman with a low self-concept, meets a man who is "a real catch." Just how much will she let him get away with? (A story written by Jean M. Bradt, Ph.D. for the website "Will I go crazy?" Bradt sets out to help remove the stigma from mental illness by showing people exactly what kinds of thoughts we think, what kinds of feelings we feel. Each one of the stories on this site, whether it specifically mentions mental illness or not, relays the same basic message: "We are human, just like you.")

  11. The Silver Lady: Elisheba Paule
    Elisheba Paule was born into a family of extremely talented artisans. Her mother paints, silkscreens, and lithographs and her father sculpted. Her dream to come true is to stay at home creating new pieces while being able to open her studio to the public. And that's exactly what she does, allowing folk to view her sculptures nestles in her charming country garden in The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Elisheba Paule teamed up with Devorah Susman in the '70's, so that Elisheba could concentrated on design and Devorah on technique. Their effort was so successful they needed a third person and brought in Christi Potter. "The Silver Lady" operates a shop in Lexington (MA) presents exquisite silver jewelry. See: Silver Lady (Jewelry) - Devora Susman, 33 Wachusett Dr., Lexington, MA 02173 - 617-861-8875.

  12. Lizzie the Dragon Slayer's Secret Diary
    This site is about one of the major characters the video game "Rampage" in which a transformed (but not reformed) female reptilian monster runs amok. A fan of the game has created this hypothetical diary which "Lizzie" keeps as she attempts to destroy the world. (PMS, anyone?) Very amusing.
    About the game itself: "Rampage was a truly original game that featured the ability for up to three players at once. Seemingly inspired by countless classic monster movies, Rampage unleashed players onto unsuspecting cities as George the Ape, LIZZIE the Lizard, and Ralph the Wolf. At the time, Rampage offered a unique game concept with small touches of humor..."

  13. Film maker Linda Elizabeth "Lizzie" Borden
    Borden truly made her mark in filmmaking in 1983 when her feminist classic Born in Flames --directed and produced on a budget of about $30,000 -- received considerable critical attention. Borden wrote, directed, edited, and produced the 1986 film Working Girls, a feminist docudrama that attempts to de-eroticize the subject of prostitution. Its main character is a Yale graduate who lives with a female lover and aspires to become a professional photographer.

  14. The origins of the name "Lizzie"
    Curious about how many forms of Elizabeth are there? So far we've found: Elisheba, Elisheva, Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Elzbietka, Alcippe, Alzbeta, Elisabet, Elisabeta, Elisabetta, Elizabeta, Elsabeth, Elspet, Elspeth, Elzbieta, Eliza, Elisa, Elise, Elsa, Elsie, Beth, Bethie, Bethy, Bet, Bettie, Betty, Bess, Bessie, Bessy, Betsy, Lisa, Liza, Lizza, Lizzie, Lizzy, Liz...

  15. The Liz Claiborne Woman
    Liz Claiborne, Inc. was founded in 1976. Liz Claiborne, Inc. designs and markets an extensive range of women's and men's fashion apparel and accessories appropriate to wearing occasions ranging from casual to dressy. The company also markets fragrances for women and men. Liz Claiborne Inc.'s brands include Axcess, Bora Bora, Claiborne, Crazy Horse, Curve, Dana Buchman, Elisabeth, Emma James, First Issue, Laundry by Shelli Segal, Liz Claiborne, Lucky Brand, Mambo, Marvella, Mexx, Monet, Monet 2, Russ, Sigrid Olsen, Trifari and Villager. In addition, Liz Claiborne Inc. holds the exclusive, long-term license to produce and sell men's and women's collections of DKNY Jeans and DKNY Active, as well as CITY DKNY better women's sportswear in the Western Hemisphere. The Company also has the exclusive license to produce women's wear under the Kenneth Cole New York, and Reaction Kenneth Cole brand names. Liz Claiborne, Inc. employs over 7,000 people worldwide. And, yes, designer Liz Claiborne is a real person.

  16. Lizzie Simon: "DETOUR"
    Lizzie Simon attended Columbia College at Columbia University, graduating in 1998. Simon was also the Arts Director at WKCR 89.9 FM for two years. On her writing of DETOUR: I wanted to collect testimonies from young bipolar people who had been treated successfully and were in the process of building careers and families and healthy lives. I felt that our stories weren't being told anywhere. There were books about bipolar people, but they were written by much older people who had much different issues than I had had. I knew there was a generation of us who were young enough when we were diagnosed to not be truly and permanently disabled by the disorder. I talk about it explicitly in DETOUR, that going crazy at seventeen was the most traumatic experience I have ever had, and that at that time I felt without role models, without resources, without road maps." Simon is currently developing several projects including a show for MTV based on DETOUR.

  17. The biblical Elizabeths
    There were two biblical Elizabeths: Elizabeth, the wife of Aaron, Moses' brother. And, in the New Testament, there was Elizabeth, cousin to the Virgin Mary and mother of John the Baptist. (The Hebrew version of name Elizabeth is Elisheba, which means "God is fullness".) Just as Elizabeth was wife of Aaron, the first Hebrew priest, the husband of Elizabeth in the New Testament is also a priest. She is barren and elderly, so the couple has no children. And, similar to other famous women in the bible, including Sarah, Rachel and Hannah, all of whom bore children after a promise from God. When Mary learns that Elizabeth is pregnant, she journeys to Ein Kerem, west of Jerusalem. Her visit is accompanied by manifestations of the Holy Spirit and Elizabeth's baby stirs in her womb. Elizabeth is called the "kinswoman" of Mary. While this is assumed to mean "cousin," the exact relationship is unknown.

  18. In Hebrew: ELIZHIVA and ELIZABETH
    These two web pages offer caligraphic art in Hebrew characters. The name "ELIZHIVA" is painted in Hebrew with a kabbalistic explanation: the letters featured in this work are ALEPH YUD LAMED ZAYIN BET TAV. Taken together, and reading from right to left, they spell ELIZABETH. This name has been transliterated into the Hebrew phonetically. According to Kaballah, each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet has a special meaning. Here are a few brief stories about these letters . . .

  19. Elizabeth Brunner
    My Beloved Elizabeth - Stories out of the life of Elizabeth Brunner, eminent Hungarian painter. The dedication reads: "May this book be my humble contribution towards the realisation of Elizabeth Brunner’s dream and of the mission assigned to her by Rabindranath Tagore: 'Take two lights to every nook and corner of world'." A fascinating tale of Brunner's travels in India in the 1930s.

  20. The Thin Lizzie Sundae
    Hersey's provides a recipe for a reduced-calorie fudge sunday called the "Thin Lizzie." All you need is fresh strawberries, kiwi fruit, peaches, vanilla frozen yogurt, some Hersey's fat-free fudge topping -- and whipped cream. Yum.

  21. The Incredible Shrinking Lizzie Thin
    Did you hear about Miss Lizzie Thin? She went and committed the ultimate sin.... She got fat!!! (Doggerel verse which may amuse. And the poem is its own morality tale, too.)

  22. Elizabeth Seeman's admission (to college)
    After the first moments of their shock, I realize my religion must be explained. Yes, I really am Jewish, and no, I was not offended by that joke you said about Hitler, but no, I do not want to hear the other one. One of my friends will say, "Shut up! Lizzie's Jewish." Then laughter, and after a blank expression on my face is read, an apology is given.

  23. Elizabeth the Vampire Slayer
    Another role playing game fan's attempt at prose: "Elizabeth backed a little into a clearing where the moonlight allowed her to see the figures easier. The two hell beasts continued to advance towards their prey and when they reached the clearing, the moonlight revealing their identity, Elizabeth gasped. She knew these two people -- well she knew these two beasts. Tears started to well up in her eyes. As they came nearer, she backed away. 'Elizabeth, long time no see,' said the vampire as he moved towards her."

  24. Lizzie's Barn - An Animal Sanctuary
    A small, family-run animal rescue without any paid staff, Lizzie's Barn finds homes for abandoned dogs both locally in South Wales and in other parts of the UK. The folks at Lizzie's Barn have a specially converted barn, which they use in preference to kennels. It is surrounded by 10 acres used for the dogs' exercise. Some of the dogs will stay with them forever due to old age or ill-health while others are ready to go to new homes. Much of their work is with abandoned dogs and with puppies rejected by commercial breeders.

  25. It's Liz! - from The Magic Schoolbus
    She's huggable, irresitable, and available now. Now you can have your very own Liz. What more could one ask?

  26. Lizzie Magie and the Game of Monopoly
    On March 23, 1903, Lizzie J. Magie, a young Quaker woman living in Virginia, applied to the US Patent Office for a patent on a board game she had invented as an easy, fun-filled method of teaching the evils of land monopolism. She was granted patent number 740,626 on January 5, 1904 by the US Patent Office.

  27. Lizzie's Dollies
    "Liz gave me my first doll when I was five. Twenty-four years later, Raggedy is still in wonderful shape. Now Liz, with her granddaughter Lizzie, is creating heirloom quality handmade cloth dolls for your children and grandchildren to love."

  28. Chicago's Tin Lizzie Bar
    Not Your Typical Sports Bar, the Tin Lizzie claims to be Lincoln Park's hottest alternative sports bar and a great place to start early to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, especially for TV sports events or after the Cubs games. Things definitely heat up late at night with the best music and the coolest crowd.

  29. Thin Lizzy -- A Rock Legend
    From a 1972 review: "THIN LIZZY is a considerably underestimated band. Phil Lynot a gifted writer and he has a lot of skill In arranging common language to fit into rock songs. Also he can take a straight-ahead strutter like this and add enough melody to give the whole certain unexpected little charms and yet "Little Darling" is good, direct, aggressive rock music with something of the mid-period Stones about it. Lyrically its a 1970’s courtship dance. There's some squirting, slippery guitar to be enjoyed too, which perfectly complements the elusive, quicksilver element in Phil’s vocal technique ­- strong. simple. beautiful." Read the history of Thin Lizzy from 1969 to 1983 on this very comprehensive tribute site.

  30. Dizzy-Lizzy -- the ultimate tribute band
    Since the death of Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynot in 1986, a number of tribute bands have sprung up to perform Thin Lizzy's music. Dizzy Lizzy is one.

  31. Twin Lizzy -- Probably the first Lizzy tribute band
    "Our band is called TWIN LIZZY and is a Thin Lizzy tribute band. Somebody jokingly suggested the idea of doing all Thin Lizzy songs. This was taken seriously by the rest of the band members and before we knew it ... done. But we needed a new name more in keeping with the material and all four of us and many more Friends thought long and hard for a name which would connect us to Thin Lizzy in some way or other, preferably with the name Lizzy in the title. Some suggestions (and reasons for their exclusion) were: Fat Lizzy (crap), Thin Lizzie (too close), Bizzy Lizzy (Well known plant), etc. This went on for weeks until we went to a birthday party and one of our drunken mates staggered past us and casually slurred the now famous phrase "Eeeeeaaarr" (long pause, stagger, slurp, burp, fart, surprised look, longer pause) "I fink yer should call yerselfs TWIN LIZZY geddit'?? Eh! TWIN LIZZY Eh? Eh? Any friggin good?" (daft drunk grin, wobbles off, slips, disappears into the crowd). You could have heard a very small pin drop quite a short distance. Thus Twin Lizzy was the name."

  32. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Siddal
    19th century painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti had big ideas about "saving" Lizzie and moulding her into his ideal woman. At first, Rossetti thought Lizzie was his perfect woman, but soon grew disillusioned when it became clear to him that real women were far more complicated than his fantasy.
    Read more about this tragic love story and see some of Rossetti's paintings
    of Lizzie here and here.

  33. How Lizzie came from China
    In Summer 2000, Angela, a single mom from Kansas was lucky enough to take the "trip of a lifetime" and travel to China to adopt a baby daughter. This is the story, in words and pictures, of Lizzie and how she became a U.S. Citizen on February 27, 2001 with thousands of other adopted children in the United States. (Note: This is a "Geocities" hosted web site but worth suffering through the advertising.)

  34. An Airlift Baby Returns to Vietnam
    Riding an emotional roller-coaster of excitement and apprehension, Lizzie Sowles, a 25-year-old "babylift" orphan, climbed aboard a jetliner Thursday night for a pilgrimage to her native Vietnam -- a homeland and a war she knows only through stories. . . .
  35. Lizzie's Bat Mitzvah Speech
    "Five years ago, I couldn't recite a prayer in Hebrew, let alone recognize any of the letter that belong to this foreign and ancient language. I couldn't tell you the names of the three patriarchs or the four matriarchs, or list any cities located the state of Israel. Now I am familiar with the Hebrew alphabet, and can recite numerous prayers. In addition, I am filled with knowledge about Israel, Jewish festivals and holidays, Torah stories and so much more."

  36. Izzie Lizzie Aligator
    A children's book by Suzanne Tate which won the Children's Choice Award from the International Reading Association in 2000. The book is about the fascinating family behavior of alligators and how pollution affects these giant lizards. Children learn alligators can be dangerous to humans. And did you know that the name aligator comes from the Spanish el lagarto meaning the lizard?

  37. The Lizzie Lincoln Haunted House
    Venture into this house on Lincoln Road, near Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. A house with a long history of a poltergeist named "Lizzie". Does her spirit still roam the corridors of this 100 year old house? Explore the dark halls where reality ends and terror begins... (Be sure to bring the $10 admission fee.)

  38. "Our Lizzie" - a novel by Ana Jacobs
    "Our Lizzie, a historical novel written by Anna Jacobs, is a tale of the home front in World War I: Lizzie Kershaw is an independent spirit. At twelve she loses her father and her happy family life ends as her mother grows to resent her. Then circumstances push Lizzie into an early marriage, where she finds her mother's petty cruelties replaced by her husband's frequent beatings. But she is a survivor. When World War I breaks out, Lizzie husband is forced to join up and she seizes the opportunity to run away. . ." (Read excerpts from the novel.)

  39. LIZZIE: software for stockbrokers -- in Argentina
    This site is all in Spanish but is reasonably comprehensible. Take client orders, place trades, provide confirmations online. Read the details of the "LIZZIE" application. Don't cry for me Argentina -- unless you have investments there.

  40. Lizzie's Sexuality: Were the Rumors True?
    "In the course of her trips to Boston, Lizzie went backstage to make the acquaintance of the actress Nance O'Neil. Miss O'Neil had seen better days on the stage, but the tragic roles she typically played struck a chord with Lizzie. . ." Czech-born writer David Rehak takes a look a historical look at Lizzie Borden's private life -- and love.

  41. Lizzie Roper: British Comedienne
    Actress, comedian, writer, virtual presenter, radio loud mouth, promoter, director, produce and burner of toast... Lizzie Roper is an accomplished actress and comedian. Her most recent West End appearance was during the successful run of What's Wrong With Angry at the Arts Theatre - recently she has also appeared in Copenhagen in the same show. Lizzie has also played a prominent role in both Freedom broadcasts, notably co-hosting Tim and Betty in the Afternoon, with Tim Purcell in December 1995. She currently co-presents G.A.Y. on London's Spectrum Radio with Jeremy Joseph on Thursday evenings and has also presented pieces for Viva! and for the BBC.

  42. Dizzy Miss Lizzie and the Flying Lizards
    Dizzy Miss Lizzie is the same version that appears on the 1984 LP record titled Top Ten. On the flip side is Dizzy, a nice, striped down and re-worked version with no vocals and snippets of piano playing by Julian Marshall.
    "The Flying Lizards is the name adopted by producer David Cunningham to indulge his megalomaniac desires to make pop records (and to play with possibilities which were difficult to introduce into his other, more formal work.) His constant shift of personnel can be attributed not only to the megalomania but also to foster the idea of a band that wasn't a band - that could do anything, that could be a heavy metal outfit on one record and Abba on the next. (Or even more interestingly, the possibility of being both at the same time.) Perhaps this never worked but the results of this bizarre constraint were equally worthwhile. To Cunningham, pop music stardom is not interesting; his personality is unsuited to the conventional showbiz idea of what a pop group should do. This, in combination with his complete inability to sing in tune or play the same thing more than once, leaves him little option but to invent some other strategy to interfere with pop music."
    Dizzy Miss Lizzie is an out-of-print collector's item and hard to find.

  43. Lizzie Greystock of The Eustace Diamonds
    "Lizzie looked round upon her brother-in-law and sighed. She had never yet told the story in all its nakedness, although it had been three or four times extracted from her by admission. She paused, hoping that questions might be asked her which she could answer by easy monosyllables, but not a word was uttered to help her." Lizzie Greystock is the heroine of Anthony Trollope's classic 1873 novel The Eustace Diamonds.

  44. Lizzie Harper - illustrator
    Winner of the 1997 Artists and Illustrators Magazine Student Award, Lizzie Harper illustrates the natural world with her work for the UK's magazine of microscopy, Micscape.

  45. Lizzie: the little Pom from the puppymill
    PuppyMillRescue is an internet-based non-profit organization created to locate, foster, and place in forever loving homes, purebred dogs previously used as breeders in PuppyMills. This page tells the story of Lizzie, a small Pomeranian dog, placed in a new home. Unfortunately, Lizzie has a serious heart problem and may not survive very long.
  46. Lizzie Hitches a Ride
    "Lizzie is a special kind of lizard found in Australia, but Lizzie is even more special than that ... she is a real adventurer ... and this is how we came to meet her." Pia Laura Robledo Mendez writes about this fictional lizard.
  47. Lizzie the British wrestler
    Although new to wrestling, this English beauty is very confident and can handle herself. Lizzie's got a strong, lithe body from years of dancing and strong legs which she intends to use to crush opponents! This site features female wrestlers, amateurs and professionals from around the world, who wrestle in semi-competitive, competitive, mixed, and fantasy style matches.

  48. Prozac Nation - the film adaptation of Elizabeth Wurtzel's book
    A reed-thin Christina Ricci plays Lizzie, a budding writer and Harvard freshman, trying to put a lifetime of emotional wreckage (battling, divorced parents; childhood therapy; a history of self-abuse) behind her. She makes a new friend in roommate Ruby, loses her virginity to comely classmate Noah, and wins a Rolling Stone magazine prize for best student reporting for a review she writes of a Lou Reed show. Soon, though, she alienates her friends with increasingly bad behavior and becomes so paralyzed by depression that she can't write . . .
  49. By Lizzie - a book by Mary Eccles
    How does a smart, spunky kid deal with the trials of being a middle child? She writes about it-that's how! When Lizzie finds her mom's old typewriter, she decides to write the tales of a year in her life. That is, if she can find time between being pestered by her baby sister and teased by her older brother. The middle-child life isn't easy, but if anybody can make it fun, Lizzie can. (From the Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers series designed specifically for middle-grade readers. You can read an excerpt.)
  50. The Other Lizzie: Liz Bailey
    Did you ever type instead of If so, you've met London's Liz Bailey, freelance journalist and internet researcher. (Take a look at her list of links to other sites -- most of which are not about anyone named Lizzie.)

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