I am a domina, transsexual professional wrestler, bodybuilder, powerlifter, amazon, lipstick lesbian and wrestling promoter, computer business owner, webmistress, late 30's. I am an open lipstick lesbian domina who occasionally dates submissive men who look decnt, are young, who have enough money, or whatever. I am a believer in the natural superiority of women, a philosophy called FEMDOM. I am an entrepreneur largely obsessed with making money now because I don't have nearly as much as I want. I therefore don't have enough time to do things like date very much. I am not wealthy yet, but I'm working on it.

I am very weird about sex.....it bores me for the most part, and in order for it to interest me it has to be mixed into other things. If you are expecting me to just casually set aside time for nothing but sex, you'll be disappointed and I'll be bored. I can be tender and I can be rough.

I have a 137 IQ, and I'm a Wharton School graduate. I am primarily interested in women and anybody who is with me is going to have to help satisfy that need. I absolutely do not tolerate imperfection in the male body....don't take it personally, like I said, I am a lesbian. I spend a lot of time in gyms and in wrestling, and know what good looking male bodies look like. If you are not in excellent shape, and are not prepared to get in better shape, you are simply not going to interest me, and most of my time would be spent putting you through extensive personal training. If you like a lot of torture, though, that might work. I have no "dungeon" in a grand mansion someplace, but I'm working on it. I have no situation where a man can somehow just walk right in and be in my hair 24/7. And I am not a professional domina or professional whore, so please don't treat me like one.

I am fully open to relationships with non-submissive women, if they are feminine and pretty. A man has to be a submissive and better lookin' than me.

If somebody is going to be my slave, they have to help me get wealthy and make sure my personal needs are met. It is a lot more about psychological control than it is about sex. Most of the time now, I have no time to engage in BDSM activities. Someone who wants to be my slave has to be able to free up some of my absolutely insane schedule for me, which pretty much involves waking up at a computer and answering e-mails and attending to business, almost from the moment I am awake, and doing this until I collapse at night. A real slave would be helping their mistresses do these sorts of things. Therefore, I don't expect you to be any different. I also expect slaves to do my laundry, wash my dishes, wax my floor, clean my toilet, find me girlfriends and act as my chauffeur, and generally do everything I tell them to. I demand total loyalty and obedience.

I am 6'3" 230lbs. Late-thirties. I bodybuild for power. I'm not carved with masculine-looking muscles like some female bodybuilders, and I am not exactly a small girl, nor do I starve myself. Chest: 44 Waist: 36 Hips: 44. I outlift and outpress most men. I am experienced in stunt work, lucha libre and some martial arts. I am willing to engage in long distance affairs if you are able to afford it or enable me to afford it.

The only things that I won't do as a dominant is I won't cause you permanent injury, I won't do dirt, feces, or urination stuff. I'm open to most else. My problem is that I cannot seem to find people that want to be a submissive as a way of life. They only want it as a game they can go in and out of, and can pay for when they want it, and pay for it cheaply which really pisses me off... therefore keeping control. You won't control me....I can guarantee you that. And if you try, you will be very disappointed in the result.

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