Sirius...or is it Cereus?

Lizzie's Place is your home away from home on the internet. A place to ponder the imponderable. To believe the unbelievable. To find the true meaning of LIFE or, possibly, a convenient way to make CHICKEN SOUP.

So, who really is Lizzie?

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Acquitted axe-murderer Lizzie Borden
Actress Liz Taylor Queen Elizabeth II
Pop Singer Liz Phair Jazz Singer Lizzie Miles Pianist Liz Story

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BUTTON Lizzie the Crusader?

BUTTON Lizzie the City?

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BUTTON Lizzie the Virgin?

BUTTON Lizzie as Lizzie?

BUTTON Hard-driving Lizzie?

BUTTON Lizzie of the Depths?

BUTTON Lizzie the Dominant?

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To be named Lizzie is a true indication of something special.

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Fifty Ways
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Fifty Ways
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Fifty Ways
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Lizzie's Network

Lizzie defends her network!

Keeping her computers from acting up is a major task for Lizzie
and Lizzie tolerates no nonsense from them.

LIZARD WITH SWISHING TAIL Can you guess why each of Lizzie's computers is named for a LIZard?
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Lizzie's Family Album

(Yes, Lizzie has a family.)

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Looking-good Lizard
Lizzie herself
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STRUT MISS LIZZIE Gus Van and Joe Schenck had their break in 1916 when asked to substitute for a trained but temperamental chimpanzee who was scheduled to entertain at a dinner party hosted by Florenz Ziegfeld.

Van and Schenck evidently did well at the dinner party since they were soon featured in Ziegfeld's shows.

They performed Strut Miss Lizzie on Broadway in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1921.

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Lizzie was a little disappointed to learn that the U.S. Naval Observatory
would not let her observe all those handsome naval officers.
However, at least they did give her the right time of day:

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This is not a LIZard. It is a dragon.
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'Toon Lizzie

Any resemblance between characters portrayed herein and real people, living or dead, without satirical purpose is purely coincidental.
Any resemblance with satirical purpose is amazing.

Lizzie has been told many times that she should be on the stage.

The Musical
Lizzie is known for her avante garde style.
You might even say that Lizzie is on the cutting edge!

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Lizzie believes in improving both her mind and her spirit.
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